[JOH] Multivitamin, E, Selenium etc.

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by dredd, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. dredd

    dredd New Member

    If I take this multivitamin that has E 400 and Selenium 200 in it (the dose is 2 tabs per day):

    Does that mean I don't need to buy these 2 supplements separately and I should just use this multivitamin?

    Also is Magnesium (as manganese chelate) not as good as magnesium citrate?
  2. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    There is only 200 IU of vitamin E, and 400 is needed. There are only 100 micrograms of selenium a portion of which is very hard to absorb selenite, the mineral form. You need 200 micrograms of the organic form, such as selenomethionine.

    And there are only 100 mgs of magnesium. They are a chelated form, so that's good (not rock-like magnesium oxide, poorly absorbed). But you need 400 mgs of bioavailable magnesium each day, as magnesium citrate or malate.

    --John of Ohio

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