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  1. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    LLama!!!! So at least this thread is I right?
  2. dolfan

    dolfan Active Member

    If you like Halloween
  3. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    Funniest thing I have seen all day!
  4. dolfan

    dolfan Active Member

    Tell me you didn't feel like you were on the Haunted Mansion Ride at Disney World, reading this thread....I'm still shaken, I doubled my Xanax for the night. I think I need to watch a funny movie to make me feel better.
  5. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    I am watching Basketball to kill my brain cells as we speak!
  6. burd

    burd New Member

    Lying is not productive or excusable, regardless who it's from. I would be seriously offended if someone who called me a friend lied to get attention. Plagiarizing has been done by both (and you know it). I am surprised that anyone can condone it with someone they like and yet condemn it in someone they don't. Where's the consistency, and where are the standards for honesty? What is judgement for the goose is judgement for the gander. I take neither one's side. Guilt is on both.
  7. Max Stooge

    Max Stooge New Member

    I'm watching the news, that will cause a loss of brain cells too.
  8. June-

    June- New Member

    Who cares. It is just one more thing to fight about. Move on to things that bring happiness. Ignore the rest.
  9. SMRoz

    SMRoz Coast Guard Dizzy! (Ret)

    Agreed! Release the Pease and be strong!
  10. leviticus

    leviticus Jonah's whale


    Come on people, why do we have to attack each other?? No one here is perfect, so we have no reason to judge what anyone says or what is in anyone's heart....... What an Awesome God I Serve, Your Grace is Sufficient!!
  11. tm53

    tm53 New Member

  12. lulu48

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  13. Aladdin-Fae

    Aladdin-Fae New Member

    I have been reflecting about this. The Bible teaches that I will be judged by how I judge others. What a humbling thought...the words of the Bible are complex but those words that are deemed for me jump right out of the page. When I read the words of the woman who was to be stoned - so many times I could have been the one stoned and I shrink to think of what I would have done if I was the one holding the rocks. Jesus life taught of love and forgiveness - not blame and hatred....I also think pride is one sin that many of us struggle with...thank you Jesus for my life and Your forgiveness.

    On a funny note. In my bedroom underneath my Bible is my gun and it's case. In God I do trust. :)

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