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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by burd, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. burd

    burd New Member

    I am really unhappy. I found out that Nassman has been permanently banned because of the way he defended himself against Henry's negativity. I'm sure there will be plenty here that are happy with that decision, and while I respect you Ray, I really do, for being the administrator of this forum that I have been so very very grateful for, I am so very disappointed that Nassman was the sole target of your anger while Henry got no rebuke.

    Henry came out of the blue, targeted one of Nassman's opinions and distorted it, relentlessly and maliciously stirred things up and kept it going, and Nassman defended himself, as he had a right too. Yes I know Nassman has pissed people off, and in the past he has been aggressive at times and out of line, hell, there's been times when he and I went at it too, but bottom line is that in the past couple of years I have seen a change in him, a change which many wouldn't cut him any slack for, and the prejudice against him was perpetuated by old attitudes. Then when he did flare up once in a while, like any one of us are capable of doing, it was blown totally out of proportion, as if he's the only one that has gotten angry around here.

    He and Henry have pissed each other off before, and what Henry did to deliberately bait him was shocking and vicious and I am still surprised that ugly thread is here and allowed to thrive.

    I prefer to keep my angry opinions to myself for the most part, but I can't let this one go without a voice. If anyone wants to come on here to enumerate the reasons why they don't like Nassman, I don't want to hear it because that is NOT the point of this thread.

    The point is that Henry stirred sh*t up, got Nassman angry, who then defended himself against someone he's gone head to head with in the past, and he paid the price. I wish no malice against you Henry, we both know you have contributed much good here, but you also know you have pissed people off and what you did to stir things up was wrong and you know it.
  2. Tara

    Tara New Member

    Well said, Burd.
  3. dolfan

    dolfan New Member

    Man, your beautiful and you have a great way of explaining things. That's why I luv ya Terry
  4. wileyriley

    wileyriley New Member

    very well put. i agree as well that nassman was provoked in this case. either ban them both or let them both stay with a strong warning to knock it out. we're tired of their squabbling.
  5. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    I can't comment on the specifics as I'm not aware of them. But I can say that Nassman always treated me with respect. I think that needed to be said.
  6. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    I think they were easy enough to ignore when they went after each other. Neither did himself any favors.
  7. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    I have to agree with every word of your post, burd. And that's really something coming from me, as nassman and I go way back and I've never been a nassman fan.

    Henry and nassman were having words in Henry's thread in the Data Base. Evidently, not enough people were seeing it to suit Henry and not everyone was sufficiently outraged by nassman's statements. So, Henry brought it over to the Living Room by starting a new thread so more people could get in on it. In my opinion, just because Henry stopped short of name calling, he was every bit as bad as nassman in his statements. Did Henry even get a temporary banishment? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Henry didn't like nassman challenging him and now he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. It's sad that this had to happen, as nassman, hard as it may have been for him, has come a long way from where he used to be.
  8. Butterfly

    Butterfly I will learn to fly agian.

    Burd Your posting was very well said. I support what you said 100%. What you wrote needed to be said. I believe the whole intent of that posting being in the living room was to stir crap up.
  9. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    Good point Terry.

    While Nassman's demeanor was certainly brusque at times and he did like to engage in battles of semantics, he is knowledgeable about vestibular disorders and contributed substantially to the site.

  10. June-

    June- New Member

    I think it is a case of live by the sword, die by the sword. It may be a cumulative thing. Ironically Nassman seemed to be making more of an effort to get along lately. Still Ray does a fantastic job of keeping order here while at the same time letting people bring a lot of different resources and opinions to the table. I defer to his judgment, not to mention it is his forum.
  11. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    Nassman's contributions, what few they were, will not be missed. The absence of his too-frequent flaming diatribes will be welcomed by those of us who have endured them.

    Ray was exceptionally long-suffering and over looked a great deal for a long time. This was by no means the first time that Nassman had to have been cautioned against inflammatory rhetoric.

    Instead of arguing style and presentation (as all of us are doing right now), the board can return to more rational discussions of substance.

    --John of Ohio
  12. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

  13. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

    Indeed and a very intelligent individual,, way out there smart. Does that excuse his actions, not in the slightest.

    Was he set up by Henry, probably but I have seen Nass do the same thing here on a daily basis's.

    Was he nice to Al and Terry indeed he was and I am thankful for that.

    I wont kick someone while they are down, but I am not joining the pity party either.

    I do not envy Raye having to make this decision, I will however bow to it.
  14. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

  15. jim1884again

    jim1884again advocating baldness be recognized as a disability

    I'm reluctant to say anything because this is Ray's place he generously provides us and it isn't a democracy--he is the benevolent king and I am happy to have met the people I have here--that would not have been possible without Ray. I will not question his decision as I have no right to.

    With that disclaimer in mind, I should note I have never had a problem with Nass--the couple of times I have given him feedback on his style or disagreed with him, he either responded graciously or said nothing.

    In general, however, I am opposed to people being banned unless they are intruders who have entered simply to upset things, hock some product, or they are so patently crazy we can't communicate because of their insane intrusions. We are adults and we should handle things ourselves. No telling how many PMs Ray has received where one person reported another for perceived trangressions or insults. If we don't like what someone else says, even if we believe it is directed towards us, we should either respond openly or take it to PM--preferably the latter in most instances. Unless the public diatribe or airing of differences would serve the greater good, then PM would likely be more appropriate.

    True, this is a moderated forum and Ray is the moderator. There are 2 kinds of moderated forums--one where every single post is scrutinized to determine if it is appropriate content and the other kind, where the moderator generally keeps up with what is going on, but more or less lets things run on autopilot--MM.Org is certainly the second kind. Ray has a business and a family and he doesn't need to be drawn into our dramas. I assert, for about the tenth time over the years, we should handle things among ourselves. Doubtless there are those who disagree.
  16. burd

    burd New Member

    Jim, I agree. I have only respect for Ray, and his decisions he has every right exercise as he wishes. I have always been grateful for this place. I wish people would vent their personal vendettas in private. What went down between the 2 is very unfortunate, and it is more unfortunate that spiteful antagonism initiated and perpetuated as it did. I was angry, not at Ray, but that bullying could prevail. I found myself pounding out my voice on the keyboard, and maybe tomorrow I will have my regrets for not keeping my feelings to myself.
  17. survivedit

    survivedit New Member

    I hope you don't regret it, Terry. I think it's a valid topic and you make a good point. And I think your use of the word 'unfortunate' really sums it up. It's unfortunate when personalities clash here. It's unfortunate when people feel the need to go after another member for whatever reason. It's unfortunate that Ray has to deal with that kind of behavior. It's unfortunate that the main purpose of the whole site has to be detracted by that kind of behavior. It's unfortunate when we're not trying to move things forward, support one another and provide info, guidance and help for one another and especially the newbies. It's unfortunate when we can't moderate ourselves, bite our tongues or take our petty squabbles offline. The whole deal was unfortunate as well as pointless and completely unnecessary.

    I, too, am thankful for Ray supplying this site for us.

  18. vikx

    vikx New Member

    Drat. I didn't want to see anyone banned. You did GOOD to tell us, Burd. VK
  19. birdmom3

    birdmom3 New Member

    Thank you Burd, for putting it very honestly. I read and reread those posts from Nassman and Henry. Nassman did not voice anything rudely. It is sad to see him go. He had some very valid points.

    Both of them should have been banned or Henry should at least have been told he was baiting Nassman, and of course Nassman bit after being called names. This may be bad behavior, we all watched it go down. I for one think Nassman was not a threat. He was voicing his opinions all along. Some of us disagree with his opinion. But Nassman had good points.There are enough people in this world we cannot get along with. I am glad PapaJoe and Burd gave some support to Nassman.


  20. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    I am relatively new to this forum though I have read the posts and seemingly endless sparring between Henry and Nassman. I feel that Ray made the best decision for the life and the intent of the forum. I am not in a position to second guess him for what he did.
    It was obvious to me that Hank was baiting Nassman and Nassman bit, but, I have also seen Nassman attack JOH from out the blue and I have noted that the last time Nassman attacked JOH he said nothing and the whole thing was diffused by JOH's lack of responce.
    I feel the whole issue of attacks serve no good purpose on this forum as they become a distraction and can also have polarizing effects on us and the way that we voice our opinions...we begin to takes sides. This can be hurtful towards others who are vulnerable.
    It is not about WHO is right and WHO is wrong but WHAT is right.

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