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Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Corner' started by Intrepid, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. hollymm

    hollymm Me, 'in' a tree.

    And here I am thinking that we all need to think about how we answer something. We can purposely try to 'ban' someone by not responding to their specific posts, but who's gonna police the rest of us?

    It looks like we're leaving it up to Ray even though we're trying to come up with ideas on how to clean up the R&S section ourselves.

    Oops! Almost posted a kneejerk paragraph there! Had to erase it. I guess my point is to stop trying to remember who starts it and realize we're doing it to ourselves by posting kneejerk reactions.
  2. Titus

    Titus New Member

    I'm in, Sarita.

    DrCott or not? Same stuff.....very hurtful and hateful.

    Hank.....I know you can do it.

    I've tried being kind and it isn't working.
  3. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    I would love to be like that, but again easier said than done when it's how you have been for about 30 years now(it's a process).
  4. dolfan

    dolfan Active Member

    Why don't we all respond to his post in spanish
  5. Lorrie K

    Lorrie K New Member

    I'm on board - come on Chris - you can do it!
  6. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Dolfan:"Why don't we all respond to his post in spanish"

    Es un idea muy bueno. Gracias para ese.
  7. dolfan

    dolfan Active Member

    Hey Henry, there are some fat bottom girls in Little Havana that would like to meet you.
  8. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Y para mi, el aros con pollo.
  9. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Ohhhhh ok, I am just gonna snap my fingers right now and it will be all gone and all fixed magically - lol. ;)
  10. June-

    June- New Member

    thank God for google
  11. June-

    June- New Member

    Not at all. No one knows what you say. It is your little secret. :D
  12. June-

    June- New Member

    You are safe. There are almost no Spanish speakers in the US.
  13. AmandaJ

    AmandaJ New Member

    :-X :-X :-X :-X can't i just speak in chinese............cos when it gets translated by google its even funnier :D :D :D

  14. Jazza

    Jazza Saved by Grace Thru Christ Jesus

    Entiendo un poco, pero estoy en Australia.

    Pretty rusty though.

    Hank, "what do you have with your chicken?"
  15. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Rice. Rice with chicken. At least that is the way I remember it from 9th grade.
  16. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Yeah,that's what I said, arose.

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