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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Willie Marie, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Thanks for having this site and for bringing it back. I don't post often but do read often. This has be a great help to me.

    Things seem to be calm right now. I'm enjoying every minute of it because I know it will come again and probably soon. I had a drop attack a week and a half ago--that came on the heels of the best two days I've had in months. GO figure!

    Again--welcome back!
    Willie Marie
  2. Bergie

    Bergie New Member

    Hi Willie Marie...Welcome Back!!!! I wish we had all the old info here but I'm sure it will be back as soon as everyone starts posting again!!
  3. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Welcome back, Willie Marie. I hope you continue to feel well!
  4. Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Brittle My Twerple Has My Heart

    Hi Willie Marie,

    "Calm" is GOOD, no? Enjoy.

    Yes, it is certainly good to have this website back.

  5. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Calm is DEFINITELY good. This disease has made me really appreciate any good health that I have. I no longer look at the life in front of me--I just take it day at a time. But I'm very thankful to the Lord for the calm.

    Willie Marie

    2DAMNDIZZY New Member

    Glad everything is going good for you. I hope it continues!!! :)

  7. Robyn

    Robyn Russell the Wombat

    Welcome back Willie Marie!! ;D
  8. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Well, I knew it would have to come to an end sometime. I have felt the symptoms coming back for the last couple of hours. I've tried to just relax but it is still coming.

    Do any of the rest of you ever have it like that? I mean sometimes it just hits out of the blue--and others like today--it starts gradually and no matter what you do it comes back-(in another couple of hours I know that I'll not be able to do much at all)-Seems to me that when they come on gradually they tend to last longer.

    Willie Marie
  9. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    My vertigo attacks always hit out of the blue. The other symptoms would build gradually.
  10. Motor City Spinner

    Motor City Spinner New Member

    Yes, I agree with you when I feel it comming on I say oh no its starting again time to go and sit down. It is worse when it starts faint and then goes full blown it seems to last for hours sometimes all day.
    I hope you feel better soon,
    MC Spinner
  11. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Thanks to both Linda and MC Spinner. It helps some how to know that I'm not the only one that has the problems. I really do tend to doubt my own sanity sometimes.

    I really appreciate all of you.

    Willie Marie
  12. GinaMc

    GinaMc Me and my friend Sally :)

    I too have the attacks come from out of the blue.. I was doing just fine for 3 months up until this past tuesday and i woke up... got out of bed and BAMMM.. down I went.. room spinning, had to sit for awhile.. got up thinking i would be fine, started to get ready for work and realized it was going to be impossible.. called in sick and of course called my ENT in a panic. Got a ride there and was told that I needed to see the Neurotologist which is a 4 1/2 hour ride for me... sucks I know but he feels that after the last gent injection that he did that there was really nothing more he could do for me and wants me to see the original doctor that did my other two gent injections to discuss the possibility of other sugery such as... VNS or shunt surgery. I see that doctor this Monday and I can only hope they will have some suggestions for me.

    You are not alone.... have you had any treatments?? ie: gent injections.. Physical therapy... or surgery?? take care.
  13. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    No injections or surgery--but did have physical therapy which made a world of difference.

    This morning things aren't bad enough for me not to go to work--but they are just all "off". It is one of those days when I know I many have to come home early--but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    Thanks again to all
    Willie Marie

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