Good Grief Charlie Brown

Discussion in 'Your Religion & Spiritual Corner' started by GreatfulTed, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    And just as P.S - how do you know what colour I am or what races I mix with? Remember - never assume. Because you will see 'me' make an 'ass' of 'u'. ;)
  2. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    Exactly what I am saying about your racist assumptions that you are claiming innocence over, but that I am throwing the b.s. flag on.
  3. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    Chris - go back a few posts where I explained it is a METAPHOR.
  4. Chris0515

    Chris0515 New Member

    For the sake of restoring peace around here from now on if that's possible; I think we are ALL going to Heaven on a nice shiny golden carpet and ALL be awarded eternal paradise, wether you're a christian or non christian - believer or non believer - atheist or satanic worshipper.............we're ALL on our way together(singing kumbaya). :-\

    If that makes anyone feel any're welcome.
  5. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    Chris, I really think you should consider anger management classes...why all the constant heavy handedness?? Now you decide that it is ok for all of us to go to heaven?? I think you are acting like a selfish bully and it does not reflect well on the Christian attitute by which you profess ownership.
    GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN! Give it a rest...if you can. ;)
  6. Funshine

    Funshine New Member

    Ted, in honor of your thoughtful post...I agree that we do try to rush through grief in the same manner by which we grow impatient when microwaving our supper.
    I too feel we grow when we embrace our grief... I did when I lost my was a time of introspection for me…I reconnected with myself, my past, my family and friends on a level that would not have been possible without the emotional passageway through my grieving,
    It is unfortunate that your most profound message became entangled in the braids of the ugly head of adversity on this thread.
  7. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    Hi Ted, I reread this entire thread this morning and I agree with your assessment of how people are programmed to grieve at least among those that I know.

    Obviously this is not healthy for a person to rush through this process but while I agree that someone needs to open themselves up and feel and work through the grief I wonder how we can manage to do that in our busy world. The demands on our time hardly allow for us to take the time to do what we so badly need to do in these instances.

    At my work they give us 3 or 4 days off with pay when we lose a relative (which is very generous by the employer) but when you consider everything that goes on around a death the grieving process doesn't really get a chance to get started and then we are back at work and life and expected to function at the same level as before the loss.

    Add to that the fact that many are hesitant to talk to someone who is grieving about how they are feeling (of course this doesn't apply to everyone) and I think the person gets a little isolated with their grief.

    Thanks for posting this because it has really got me thinking about this topic.
  8. June-

    June- New Member

    I know that both religious and medical communities (understanding that there can be overlap - or not) would probably make similar recommendations regarding grief, all I can say from my experience is it is HARD and it takes time but time has great healing power.
  9. GreatfulTed

    GreatfulTed New Member

    Hope that everyone enjoyed the Sunday Morning Post, especially those folks that did not get the chance to make a service last Sunday.
    Working on one for this Sunday - Believe that we might have to take a look at Beatles tune this Sunday.
  10. Titus

    Titus New Member

    I'll be looking forward to it. Thank you :)
  11. rev

    rev New Member

    Me too
  12. joy

    joy New Member

    When I read your post, Ted, the first person that came to my mind was Gayle. Gayle started attending my Sunday School class with an aquaintance of mine 3 or 4 years ago. She sat in class & cried or was on the brink of crying the entire time. I finally asked if there was anything we could do for her or pray for her about because the look she had on her face was breakin my heart. She wouldn't even speak - just shook her head & looked to the ground. Come to find out, her husband passed away ... at that time it had been, oh, about a year I think. He was apparently her entire world. With the encouragement of this friend though, Gayle kept coming to class & church. Over the next few years she had lots of speed bumps & bad times but slowly she was able to work through things. She stopped isolating herself so much. If she couldn't stand on her own, she knew she had us to hold onto.

    Now three years later, Gayle & I are good friends. A few years ago I realized there was a different Gayle inside her that really did want to come out, but was so overwhelmed by grief & satan's lies that she just couldn't seem to escape. None of us in Sunday School class gave up on her - though it would have been easy - she was extremely 'high maintenance' for a while there. We'd get frustrated with her 'dysfunctions' & some of us would get down-right mad about some of the things she'd do or say ... mostly involving staying home in her little lonely apartment or sending out Christmas cards with her dead husband's name on them. She had taken 'grieving' to an unhealthy extreme & satan didn't wanna let go.

    Gayle's doing so much better now ... she's funny & compassionate & a strong Christian. She's witnessing to the people in her apartment complex. If that one friend so long ago hadn't cared enough to take her hand & say "go to church with me", she would/could easily have stayed in that horrible place she was in - the loneliness & grief would have consumed her entirely.

    Gayle still has hard times - like I said, speed bumps, but she's allowing Christ to heal her ... she WANTS to be happy again. It's like she finally stepped back & opened up to Christ ... & He said, "Welcome sweet child! Now, sit back & watch me work!!"

    Isolation's not the answer to anything - except contageous diseases ;). United we stand! Thanks Ted! Keep it comin!
  13. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Joy, Your post moved me. I remember days when my life felt hopeless and people didn't give up on me. I learned there was a God bigger than my problems and the message was brought to me by people who are now very dear to me.

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