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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by gfsound, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    I remember reading the same information. Not sure where. It may have been here at one time before the SS threads were deleted.
  2. KennedyLane

    KennedyLane New Member

    Found it. See the link below to a page with comments associated with a YouTube video. The pertinent thoughts regarding Orthokine are in the passage starting with "Oh, ok but I think it's fair..." (Not sure what the rules here on posting quotes from another website.)

  3. cappelhans

    cappelhans New Member

    Thanks again for this thread Geoff, I know it's a lot of time and effort to document on your part - but the information, anecdotal or not, is super-valuable to all of us trying to beat this thing. Really really appreciated.
  4. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    I do not see that passage I only see SS saying

    "The thing I’m a little worried about is the Orthokine treatment. Its not been shown that systemic application that some do (rather than in, say a knee joint) in humans will not end up like the animals…immunosupression again."

    I have no idea what SS is saying there, but I don't care for the way he discredits JOH and other treatments like AV's, Orthokine and says emphatically they do not work, but in a more derogatory way. He totally discounts the people that are being helped by them. In fact any treatment other than his own he turns his nose down on. Granted JOH and AV's etc are not a cure or a cure for all, but at least give credit when something is helping those who suffer.

    Also I don't get when he JO's regime is not regulated by a doctor, ("I won’t say any more except that the regime is immunosuppressive often without regulation by a medical professional")well neither is his vaccine afaik. The only thing I heard from posters who are on his vaccine was doctors need to write a script for tests, after that what regulation of his vaccine is done by doctors?

    I am not putting down SS's theory, I just don't care for how he speaks like his vaccine, that has not been clinically tested and proven is the one and only answer to MM.

    He should be generous enough to acknowledge how other treatments have helped MM patients, although not a cure.
  5. angrychicken

    angrychicken New Member

    That is fantastic news Geoff - I hope this is the beginning of a trend and that you are part of the 90% who experience relief after three months of Orthokine.
  6. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    is that 90% Meniere's patients doing orthokine, or general orthokine like athletes?
  7. gfsound

    gfsound New Member

    The following is all anecdotal, as it came to me straight from the Dr.

    He told that 100% of the MM patients that have reported back to him have had success, but some of his patients did not keep in touch, so he can't count them in the numbers (therefore he counts them as NOT having had success). So it is theoretically possible that 100% of the patients he treated have found relief, but just went about their lives without telling him. I am, of course, keeping the Dr. apprised of my progress (or lack thereof). I'd really like to not be the first person that has kept in touch and didn't find relief, but if it is, so be it.

    I plan on providing the same objective analysis of my experience with SS, although it is well known that it might take significantly more time (12-18 months).
  8. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    gfsound, will you still be going on SS treatment if you still feel so much better as you reported yesterday?
  9. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I missed this reply! Good thing you haven't taken the vaccine yet or you'd never know what worked.

    How are you doing today?
  10. gfsound

    gfsound New Member

    Oh yes. I'm going on SS, and will continue everything else I've been doing including continually trying new diets (I'm on week four of modified paleo), several hours of meditation a day, I just got some pure CBD's (Cannabidiol) in a tincture (no THC, so no getting high), and anything else that comes up that I think might help (that won't compromise SS, of course). I am no longer that interested in knowing "what" helped, I just want help. Everyone seems to be a fan of trying one thing at a time so you know what works. My logic is TRY EVERYTHING and if it works, then start subtracting and see if symptoms come back. I'd MUCH rather be operating from a place of feeling good than being a lab rat and trying one thing at a time for the next five years while my symptoms get worse. But that's just me. I don't give a S*#T what I have to do or spend, I'm going to throw everything at it as fast as I can.
  11. gfsound

    gfsound New Member

    I'm doing quite well, thank you! Still functioning, living life, going to work, etc. I don't have all the hearing back that I'd like to have, and I have some very mild tinnitus, but that's whatever. I could live very happily with how I'm feeling today- and indeed I lived today very happily. :) Regarding your comment about what worked, see my post above- I don't really care that much, just so long as something works. I want to get better first, and then I can spend the time dissecting what did it.
  12. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    That's fantastic news. It's super nice to have happy, healthy days. Enjoy :)
  13. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    Yeah, give it the double whammy of orthokine and SS protocol!
  14. Donamo

    Donamo Guest

    Hey gfsound, so, I think last we heard from you you had a major turn for the better. That was about two weeks ago. How is it holding up? Are even better, steady or worse?
  15. gfsound

    gfsound New Member

    Hey Donamo-

    MEH, is all I can say. I still haven't had a vertigo attack, and I am "better" overall, but NOT symptom free by any means; the beast is still hanging on. I still haven't started SS yet, but should be shortly. I'm getting pretty close to the 3 month mark anyway with Orthokine (end of May), so I think I can safely say that I am one that it didn't work for. Again, unless of course all my symptoms just magically disappear in the next three weeks. :\

    Of course I'm disappointed that it didn't work, but I'm glad I took the trip and tried- Nothing ventured nothing gained. Thanks for checking in. Wish I had better news to report.


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