FATIGUE - Why am I so tired??

Discussion in 'Meniere's Disease "Database"' started by dizzjo, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. TwinJuneBugs

    TwinJuneBugs New Member

    Me too. I also agree and wish my family could live in my body one day too.
  2. swirlee

    swirlee New Member

    Thanks. Your explanation has helped me tremendously. I am going through a resting period now and didn't understand what was happening.

    Now I will rest in peace and recover without feeling bad about sleeping during odd hours of the day.
  3. neil1462

    neil1462 New Member

    i feel the more i sleep the worse the diziness is if i go 2 or 3 days of laying around it takes me 3 or 4 of active days to feel better...........anyone else like this??
  4. Linda1002

    Linda1002 New Member

    Neil - I think balance in our lives is the answer -- not too much activity without rest and not too much rest without activity. We just need to find the balance.
  5. DeLuke

    DeLuke New Member

    Thanks Dizzjo

    I'm new to this board having just found it, but I'm not new to the frustrations of this disease. I've been pulling over to the side of the road on the way home from work and then toughing it through the vommiting and dizziness for the next 4 hours for almost two years. I kept getting all kinds of tests and eventually I have two doctors who have told me I have meniere's. I kept getting so hugely tired and somedays just could hardly keep my eyes open at work. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense
  6. Bastet

    Bastet New Member

    Fatigue is another reason I've pulled away from my friends. It's Friday night and I'm ready for bed at 9pm?? Or have a dizzpy spell at 8pm on a Saturday night and the only thing I can do is sleep it off? Doesn't make for a very active social life.
  7. memaw

    memaw New Member

    Tired? Thats all I am lately. So all I do is sleep,I found thats all I can do. This episode has lasted 4 weeks and I don't to anything. I work but I am on std. I just can't take it anymore. Just scrolling down the pages is making me sick and my eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head. I tired going to church yesterday, they put a song up on the screen called fall like rain. I couldn't even look at it cause the rain in the background of the song got me spinning again. I go today for my hearing test and tomorrow to the specialist. I have had this for 20yrs now and this is my first hearing test. I know that sounds strange. I get them at work and they say i am in normal range and really this is the first time in many years i am going to a ent for this. I didn't know half of the things associated with mm before i got familiar with this site. THank you everyone. 20 yrs ago they gave me dyazide and told me to live with it. And when I saw this episode wasn't stopping I started searching info and found this site. Many new options I see.. Thanks again.
  8. amberini

    amberini New Member

    Things have improved since you started with MM.
    Be sure to tell all of this to the doctor, even if you have to write it down and hand it to him/her.
    You may have more than MM and I hope someone will do some blood work on you to check your thyroid levels.
    Many of us have thyroid issues along with MM and or MAV.
    As crappy as you feel, it's really important to make the most of these tests and visit.

    You are right, there are many options. Finding the right one for YOU is the trick. Hopefully, this doctor will be someone you can work with to find your option.

    Hope you feel better soon, Janine
  9. faith

    faith New Member

    I've learned that being tired all the time goes with the territory (Meniere's), so I don't fight it any more. As we all know, our symptoms can change on a dime. One minute we feel fine; the next we're down and out. :)
  10. Seadog

    Seadog Ambidextrous dumb-ass with out coffee

    I cant believe I woke up to read all of this.
  11. petalpusher

    petalpusher New Member

    After a major episode, the ones where I end up in the hosp. I sleep steadily for at least 2 days. :-[ very frustrating.
  12. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    Go back to bed Seadog.. it's ok.
  13. tupty

    tupty New Member

    I found that taking 2 tablets of "5-HTTP" an hour or so before I go to bed helps my body produce melatonin which totally obliterates this tiredness..

    Melatonin is produced when you have deep sleep, this is the real stuff that makes you feel like you have had a good nights sleep. If your unsettled even thought your asleep then your body wont produce the melatonin.

    I also make sure the room I sleep in has nothign left on standby, no wireless router, and thick curtains to bloack out any light.

    Even when your asleep a small led on a say a plu in ai freshner can distupt effective sleep patterns.
  14. newflady

    newflady New Member

  15. queenmom

    queenmom New Member

    This has all been very informative as I have been wondering why I am so tired all the time! I do mean all the time. I can sleep at amy moment of any day, and for hours at a time. It was beginning to scare me. Since my diagnosis, I am beginning to understand a bit more, and this board is absolutley wonderful. I have, most importantly, learned that I am not crazy.

    bless you all, Mari
  16. carolyn33

    carolyn33 New Member

    you're not crazy either are we.. it's everyone else
  17. queenmom

    queenmom New Member

    Fatigue has become such a part of my life, I would love to feel awake again. Sunday we went to the Mariners/Yankee game and I slept the entire drive to the stadium and in fact when we got there I was disappointed that we got there so quickly because I wanted to sleep longer. I cannot stand feeling this way, and I feel as if I am robbing myself of my life. I would love to be able to wake up in the morning, get up, and have a successful day without being sick and tired. (sorry for the slight vent here.)

  18. queenmom

    queenmom New Member

    I needed to find this on here today. I have been sleeping 20 hours a day for 3 days now, literally not able to wake up. I haven't even been able to get out of bed for the bathroom and put it off as long as possible, going only once a day. Today is the first day, this week, I have felt like waking up. I am so tired of this. Tired of feeling like this. I keep thinking I am too young to feel this way.
  19. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member

    I'm jumping in here without reading many of the numerous previous postings on this subject.

    Olive leaf extract has shown to significantly suppress both herpes viruses, and fungus infections. But related to this thread, it also increases both mental and physical energy. Those with Meniere's-related fatigue should give olive leaf extract a try.

    Do a Google search for further OLE information.

    --John of Ohio
  20. June-

    June- New Member

    When I had my an operation, the surgeon told me that for some reason they did not understand, most people felt very fatigued for a long time afterward. I think the brain is constantly at work trying to compensate whenever there is a balance deficit. It's working nonstop to try to keep us upright but it's totally unseen.

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