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Discussion in 'Meniere's Disease "Database"' started by Buffy-Again, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. buffee

    buffee New Member

    Erik Viirre, MD in La Jolla, California

    I spent from 1978 to 1985 being poked, prodded and forced to believe I was "making this up"
    I ended up at a low income clinic after losing yet another job to vertigo. I met a neurologist Dr. CantuRena who saved my life. He did a few in office test and looked at me and told me to tell everyone THIS IS REAL I AM NOT CRAZY and he ordered tons of tests which I qualified for at that time due to no money. I was finally told I had MENIERE'S DISEASE in 1986. However saying that the disease was still "new" and controversal. I basically spent 1986-2010 "training" any doctor I went to, because basically I was more educated in meniere's then they were. I bought every book about it, read everything I could, joined support groups(way before there was the internet), I have file cabinets full of MD articles & paperwork. Luckily I didn't have ANY attacks from 12/99 until 10/2010, then they came back with fury. I finally got on MEDICARE in 7/2010. The very first thing I did was seek out the BEST specialist I could find on Meniere's, and I was Dr. Viirre. I was "lucky" enough to be in full attack mode when I saw him, so he could tell my vertigo was very bad, he also said I had BPV on top of the MD. He put me on other meds, and did these treatments(exercises) in the office, they SAVED ME!!! He had a PT person come to my home three times a week to have me do exercises to cope with balance loss, and also said this person could do those head/neck exercises to relieve the vertigo on the next onset. I finally got a doctor who knew more then I did. I feel very blessed. Knock on wood, its been 16 months since my last vertigo attack, the last one I had lasted 47 days and it sucked!!!!!
  2. Charlotte Sue

    Charlotte Sue New Member

    I just moved to Charlotte and saw Dr. Gold based on numerous recommendations from other doctors. I did not like him since he was very cold during the appointment, had no interest in exploring my triggers or potential non-invasive approaches like allergy testing and shots. All he focused on was whether of not my episodes were severe enuf and frequent enuf to consider surgical options. My MD has gotten much worse since then but I'm hesitant to Call Dr. Gold. Can you recommend any other MDs in the Charlotte area who are empathetic and willing to explore non invasive approaches, including homeopathy?

    Thank you.
  3. jimmykicker

    jimmykicker New Member

    Dr. Gacek in Mobile. Knows his stuff. Has the GUTS to go against conventional thought. Saved my hearing and my sanity.
  4. Charlotte Sue

    Charlotte Sue New Member

    How about Charlotte, NC?
  5. Cwatts4955

    Cwatts4955 New Member

    I too live in Charlotte. I know exactly what you mean about Gold. He teated me in 2005 and I thought he was cold and impersonal. I told the desk at CEENTA that I would not see him again and was placed with Brian Gibson. He has a great personal manner and I recommend you try him. He has Meniere's and is familiar with it. (Having said that I just returned from Los Angeles. I saw Dr. Derebery for another opinion. Dr. Gibson is great but I wanted anther look.)
    Anyway, short answer is start with Gibson at CEENTA. Let k=me know if I can answer any specific questions.

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