Doctors say cannabis treats Meniere's Disease

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Caribbean, May 5, 2007.

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  1. thedawgboy

    thedawgboy New Member

    If it were completely legalized, perhaps we would stop paying extremely wealthy people with large tracts of land to not grow anything at all.

    People on this list would include Charles Barkley, Micheal Jackson, and countless others.

    It may hurt some businesses, but it also will start new ones, and perhaps make it so that we start producing some of these products domestically instead of importing from China.

    As far as the idea that in 20 years, it will be readily available for medicinal use, That was thought to be true on many occaisions. Every time this has come close, a new breed of fear mongers come in and stopped it. This is true, even though studies have shown that current laws do nothing to stop usage, and those few times that it has been decriminalized in certain areas, usage has not increased.

    Yes, it was used for it's other properties in the US for a few centuries and in the middle east for a few millinea, it was not until the early 1900's that it was used in the drug sense in the US.
  2. June

    June New Member

    Ha! In your dreams! You must be smoking something right now if you are thinking it is that easy to stop paying money to very wealthy people!
  3. thedawgboy

    thedawgboy New Member

    You are right, it is very strange indeed to believe that tax money should be used where it is needed, instead of on subsidies for those that already have to do nothing. That in and of itself would possibly fund the federal healthcare system that has been proposed multiple times (oops wrong thread! ;) ).
  4. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Ditto :)
  5. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

    Agreed. :)

    I'm not anti-pot. After the literature, with any prescription meds, it seems like it may do more harm than good.
  6. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    Dude,,,, down with the man ::) ;D

    Inapropriate use of tax dollars is very sad, yep. Having said that, I think we stopped paying set-aside to farmers here some time ago, not 100% sure. Most farmers I know (have known a few) aren't exactly wealthy by the way. I've said before if I won the lottery I think I'd farm for a living until I ran out of money.

    This could of course turn into a hijack about alternative fuels etc so back on track:

    If I don't agree with the speedlimit, it doesn't mean that I have the right to ignore it. Don't like the law, change the law. It's how liquor laws are made!
  7. thedawgboy

    thedawgboy New Member

    The money never goes to your average every day farmer, it goes to large coops and conglomerations. I have nothing but respect and sorrow for your average farmer.

    Recipients of Total USDA Subsidies from farms in United States totaled $21,057,000,000 in in 2005.

    Source for this info:

    (Sorry, the #'s for 2006 & 2007 have not yet been reported on this site, but with a little more time to research, could be found quite easily)

    21 billion dollars would just about pay for health insurance with the current companies, and current premiums for every man woman and child legally in this nation.

    Now add to that 1.2 billion spent each year simply for the commercials that say that buying weed doesn't help that guy in the back woods of Georgia that grows weed, but helps out terrorists instead. Or even half of the money wasted on prosecuting those simply in possesion of MJ (or the money spent to house them in the penal system), and you have all premiums paid, and many copays as well.

    Now let's turn it on its ear and say that we are completely legalizing the use and possession of pot, and the cultivation of the plant for all of its many purposes, and tax the growth, sale and trade of it. (Once again we are talking about use in your private home only, I do not support the idea of smoke and drive in any way shape or form). We now have every co-pay paid for as well.

    I am simply talking about using that farmland for MJ. (I do not wish to discuss elephant grass or bio-diesel at this time for alternative fuel sources, as I honestly believe each to be a red herring.)

    The tax money saved in two areas would be huge just with the decriminalization, but with legalization, it would be a massive boost to the economy, and might actually help in the reduction of the mutli TRILLION dollar defecit we face.

    I also still stand by the statement that with full legalization, would could also start producing domestically many items currently imported, and help reduce the deficit that way.

    After all, Woody Harrellson (that hippy from "Cheers") has a boat constructed completely out of hemp. If he can do that, think of the many other uses!!! ;)
  8. June

    June New Member

    I can show you guys a river bank ... It's really all over the place, it is just not the quality you are looking for,
  9. jabber

    jabber New Member

    Question,--- How many here would actually give this stuff a try if it was legal to do so and research showed that it most certainly DID get rid of all the problems we have with MM....
    Tobacco smoke is being outlawed everywhere, do you really think they ( govt.) would legalize THIS smoke ?????
    I'm sitting on the fence on this at the moment simply because at the moment I'm not having a lot of problems BUT, if I was in the shape some on here are at the moment and believe me I HAVE been there many many times, I'm 68 yrs. old and if I had something that said I didn't have to suffer, I'd be doing a lot of thinking.
  10. heywally

    heywally New Member

    Caveat - I have 'extensive' experience with MJ, almost exclusively when I was younger (I'm 55). I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I thought it made a significant difference, even if illegal. I would grow my own minimal quantity (obtain seeds) and then ingest it once in a while via muffins or brownies.

    It has been shown to help with nausea - not sure what other positive effect it could have on the inner ear (it does tend to 'dry you out' though).

    The whole illegal thing - my biggest problem with illegal drugs (though marijuana not as much of a factor as coke/heroin) is the horrendous drug cartels that have been created - Mexico is really in some dire straits now.
  11. Red Barchetta

    Red Barchetta New Member

    Well, actually at the moment anyway, Tobacco smoking is not becoming illegal period, just in "Public" places. I have only heard of a VERY FEW places that have laws prohibiting it's use in "Private" places (such as your home, your car, exc.) - and the few that do exist that prohibit Tobacco use in private places, is limited, to the point that it only applies if minors are present at the time.; And have already been proved to be very difficult to enforce.

  12. Ifishdizzy

    Ifishdizzy New Member

    I truly believe if some scientific researchers looking for new sources of medicine had just now discovered the cannabis plants, both sativa and indica, they would be hailing them as a miracle plant that would bring healing to many millions...the speed of the research would be phenonimal, and we would have cannabis based medications on the market in record time.

    jim1884again: the "THC" pills (Marinol, and one other) deliver THC, however it is not the only substance in cannabis that has helpful benefits. Inside each strain of cannabis there lives over 600 different cannibinoid compounds, and those compounds (and their makup) hold the keys to multitudes of medications for all manner of sicknesses. I do know that researchers had found they were able to make drastic developments in reducing or killing the tumors of some breast cancers.

    In the case of Meniere's, it is not "pain" we are wanting to medicate, rather I believe there are specific cannibinoids that act as "Vestibular Inhibitors", keeping the vestibular nerve from acting up, even if the inner ear is all wacked out from the Meniere's. I know there are times when my body has had an "attack" vertigo and mild nauseu (if I am taking my medication) but I can feel it going on, it's just I don't have to "pay the price" to survive it. BTW, my wife, never once, has said I appeared intoxicated in any in many cases such as Meniere's disease, huge qualtities are simply not require. Personally, I may consume [the equivalent of] 1 joint a day..if that.

    Also, the only 100% safe way to take medical marijuana is via vaproizer, or cooking it into foods by making canna-butter, canna-oil and other tinctures that can be easily built into recipes. Consumption via food generally has a greater pain-killing effect than smoking, but again, I'm not out to stop pain. My goal is to NOT smoke unless I need to during the day, and take a measured amount nightly..just like I would any other medication. So far, it works..

  13. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

    In lightness, maybe we should have our next menieres gathering in California!!! :D ;) ;D
  14. Red Barchetta

    Red Barchetta New Member

    Or at least a representative from "Cures not Wars" present...

  15. jim1884again

    jim1884again advocating baldness be recognized as a disability


    I am very aware it is not the "pain" we are trying to eliminate by using marijuana for MM symptoms--I simply pointed out that if marijuana were used for that purpose, it might be valid to say that it was safer than the traditional opiate based pain meds. I also responded to your assertion:

    If any took the time to do some of their own homework, they would know that using cannabis as a medicine is far safer than most (if not all) legally prescribed OR over-the-counter medications

    There are two parts to that--one, the insinuation that others on the board have not studied the subject and two, it is safer than many substances that have been proven effective in treating illness with minimal risk to health.

    As I said, I have done my homework, sporadically for over 40 of my 56 years, but apparently we have read different things and talked to different experts--you describe it nearly as if it is a miracle drug and I don't know that the science yet supports that.

    No doubt political and moral perspectives muddy the waters when the subject is discussed--if that is the case with me it is limited to my very pragmatic position that it should legal , but I have already stated my argument for why I believe that--my position does not contradict the science as I understand it, it merely acknowledges that we have more harmful substances which are legal and this disturbs me--especially given the unnecessary pain and suffering many have endured in the hands of a legal system simple because they smoke marijuana.

    My son and I both fall into that category. Speaking from personal experience, I probably smoked 200 times between 1967 and October 27, 1970, when El Paso's most famous narc had me handcuffed and on the floor of an apartment in which he found less than an ounce of grass, and probably another 200 times after that. My son also smoked hundreds of times and spent nearly his entire adolescence on probation for very small quantities of marijuana. Despite from my frustration with the legal system, I believe my marijuana use had and adverse effect on me psychologically and NO competent professional on the planet would argue it did not have an adverse effect on my son.

    I cannot or would not attempt to comment on what effect it has on you. I certainly am not insinuating it has any deleterious effect on you psychologically. I am asserting again, however, it is not without its risks and the science as I know it suggests that may be the case with even moderate use. I am not asserting, as you did, that others haven't done their homework, only that we had different teachers and textbooks to carry your metaphor a bit further.

    If it helps your symptoms, then go for it. If I didn't have so much to risk professionally, I may use it again myself to see if it would help mine.
  16. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

  17. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    I grew up in the late 60's early 70's. I watched my friends during that time and the effect on them. You are not alone. I had to move on after it became evident that no matter what, they weren't interested in hearing what was happening to them.

    Totally legalized, not a good idea. Studied and introduced as a controlled substance (I don't think Valium should be OTC either if you follow the logic here), maybe.

    Dawgboy, thanks for the info on Gvt payments for set-asides! I will look it up. Hope I don't find that this is just more legislation with unintended poor consquences.
  18. ToniG

    ToniG Guest

  19. June

    June New Member

    Have you tried acyclovir? I had a bad viral infection months before the hydrops. Even though I have had the hydrops for 9 months before trying acyclovir I think it is helping my hearing.
  20. prosecutrix2850

    prosecutrix2850 New Member

    As a prosecutor I will add my 2 cents worth. Prosecuting MJ users or sellers is wrong. The police would far rather deal with someone who is stoned than cracked or cranked up --or drunk!-- for that matter. It is only a "gateway" drug because the government made it illegal so the only people you can buy it from are criminals. Most prosecutors and prison officials know the absurdity of locking up tokers. I don't think it should be allowed in public.

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