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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by oaktree8, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. tamarak

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    ...working on it, Pardonme! Today I resisted the temptation to buy more efficient but toxic house cleaning products and came home with a big box of baking soda. So much of what you said resonates strongly for me. Seems like I'm working on one part of the hill and you are on the other side. It's good to hear about the wonderful benefits of the life changes. Yes, they will be worth it!

  2. tamarak

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    whoops! that didn't sound good...the hill is WISDOM not age! Sorry! T.
  3. pardonme

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  4. tamarak

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    I wonder if it would be good to make an "offshoot thread" from this one that has to do with supporting each other in our efforts to simplify life, meditate, play, do creative things, be less driven, cook from scratch etc. anyone interested? I feel that it is tangential to this thread and I don't want to "hijack" the thread, but I would like to continue to talk about simplifying life etc. as a part of healing and get ideas from others!

  5. SweetTater

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    This week we discuss Chapter 11 - How Do You Use Your Body?

    My book is still loaned out but I talked to the lady yesterday and she is half way through it, she said it had been helpful to her so far. I also found out she used to be a massge therapist so this is something that she understands really well, she especially liked the suggestion of the tennis ball in the sock and has been using that some and seems to think it's helping her.
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  7. ariapace

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    Re: the discussion about simplifying one's life, pursuing natural ("alternative") therapies that promote the body's healing response, etc.... RIGHT ON! It's not only that this is the best way to take care of ourselves and our bodies. This is part of a shift in consciousness that MUST grow if we are to survive as a species. It's pretty clear what will happen if we continue to degrade our environment (bodies included).

    I've been thinking about these things a lot lately, because I just finished reading The Last American Man, a biography of Eustace Conway, who runs Turtle Island Preserve in North Carolina. His life is an amazing story of one man who wanted to live in tune with the earth and did it. Very well written, inspiring, amazing, shocking, funny, a really good read (by Elizabeth Gilbert, who also wrote Eat, Pray, Love).

    Reading The Last American Man has reminded me of how sick our culture really is, how ignorant and divorced we have become from the things that sustain us and nourish us.

    Lee's Discovering Body Logic is a beacon light of sanity aimed at us meniere's sufferers (and others) in a dark world of medical ignorance. She's saying: simplify things, get back to the basics, use your awareness, use your senses, use your common sense, don't poison your body. And she's saying YOU CAN DO IT!

    It's made all the difference for me. Not only in terms of hope, but in terms of results. I have a ways to go, but I'm much, much better than I was before following her principles.

    And since we're on the posture chapters...adding posture awareness and the posture exercises to the trigger point massage made a huge difference for me.
  8. tamarak

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    My book is on the way and I cannot wait to read it and be able to discuss it with all of you!

  9. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    Yes Ariapace! And one other important thing to add is this WORKS. It links the rational and intuitive mind. Remember Albert Einstein's quote? ~ "Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift." How on earth did we get swayed into thinking that someone else can interpret and respond to our own body's clues better than we can?

    The thing I'm realizing as all this goes on is that almost everyone has some form of suffering: sore back, sore shoulder, headache, stress etc. It's amazing how many people are putting their energy into living with this. Some are partners of those with chronic illness, thinking they have to be strong for them. Yet once the real stories come out, people can work at this together. We don't 'fix' anyone else's problems, only our own. And from there it grows.

    Tamara ... I don't even know where to begin on the vitally important concepts you brought up. YES 'feelings flow into places'. How interesting that this line comes out of geography. And YES we desperately need to simplify life. That's why I believe this works so well. It bypasses the thinking and instead we use our own body to guide us. Reality - pure - powerful. Naturally we need a little knowledge as a framework in which to react ... but in a VERY simple form. Remove the complexity and we are left with the most powerful concepts. What else do we need? Pardonme is so right that a timesheet on personal energy consumption would be very revealing. I can't get over for example, how 5 minutes 'work' before I get out of bed can make such a huge difference to my day. And how I can work so much more efficiently without letting the stress of a situation 'flow' into me. Who knew that we don't have to take this on! In fact if we do, all we do is pass it onto others. Little wonder it feels so good to be around a peaceful person, or surrounded by nature.

    How wise SweetTater! You are talking about Peak Oil (worth a google search if anyone hasn't heard of this). It's a slippery slope down that other side if we don't react. The planet's health clues are increasingly obvious. Same principle only on a grander scale. We need to put our natural resources at the very top of that triangle. The big question is: is that possible when so many have profit on the top? Maybe the planet has to get that sick - like with Menieres - before we are forced to really change old patterns of thinking. What a terrible shame if that's true.

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    You know I think many people have the mindset that 'that won't happen to me, it only happens to other people', I know that before my health cratered I couldn't really imagine anything happening because I would get up everyday and think I felt normal.
    Most people don't know what 'normal' really is or feels like.
    I think with our environmental issues I have been one that thinks things will just replinish or that if we run out of anything it will be a thousand years from now BUT I know better now. It's just ignorance - at least it has been on my part and again I think it's just my stupid mindset that it won't happen in my lifetime!
    We must wake up!
  12. SweetTater

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    Chapter 12 - Simple Postural Exercises... open for discussion.
  13. SweetTater

    SweetTater New Member

    I have a confession to make - I have not been doing these. I know I really need to start back and will give it more effort this week.

    I still do not have my book, the lady forgot to bring it yesterday. I miss having it and I think if she doesn't bring it to me by next week I'm going to have to go get it. I know she just forgets, I don't think it's deliberate. She told me that she is continuing to to the TP on her back and she is getting alot of pain relief now.
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    Changed my mind and deleted my post - wasn't important. :)

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  15. SweetTater

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    WooHoo! I got my book back today and I just wanted to tell you Lee that she said she thinks it was something that will be lifechanging for her! I know she's been working her TP's and she feels it's helping her back problems alot.
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  18. SweetTater

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    Diane - I think I just got lazy is the main thing that is holding me back! I have been very busy too with making the 160 mile round trip 3 and now 2 times weekly to the chiropractor, it takes me a full day when I go out because when I travel that far I find things to do while I'm in the city. The days I've been home I just have alot to do to get caught up but I realise that I am not putting my body first by doing that.
    I like the way you present it by just working them into the day here & there, doesn't make it seem so much like exercise!
    I do find that I do the back bends pretty often but I really want to get back to the 'legs up' - I liked taking this amount of time for myself but I've just not made time and I have no real excuse that is valid.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
  19. tamarak

    tamarak New Member

    I got my book! Yea! And now I can really engage with the discussions here, without feeling like I might be off track!

    As for the book, I LOVE IT!!! Ever since I got the book (two days ago), I've been working the pressure points that refer to dizziness, from behind the ear down through the neck. So much pain there...especially on the side most affected by this thing we call "Menieres". The ringing in the ears has decreased dramatically.

    As a matter of fact, I'm getting off the computer right now so that I can go and read some more...

    The only other thing that I want to say is that from the amount that I've read, I can see that there is no need to set up an adjunct thread to discuss the lifestyle changes etc. It's right there, part of the thesis of the book and therefore right on target. So, let's discuss it!!

    I'll be more specific next post, right now all I can do is follow my heart and body's desire to go to the book and the cozy bed!

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