Dex shot for cochlear hydrops?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by vasu, May 2, 2014.

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  1. vasu

    vasu New Member

    I was on prednisone for 2 weeks. Felt better during the middle to end of tapering it. But soon after I went back to bad. It has been steadily getting worse for me, despite being on 250 mg of Famciclovir 3x per day. My doc is keen on doing the steroid shot for me, while saying it mostly helps with vertigo which I don't have. I wonder if it is worth a shot. Part of me feels I should not mess with the inner ear. But the doc claims it can help for at least 3 months. I need to decide in a week. Any advice?
  2. rondrums

    rondrums Bilateral

    The Dex shot will reduce inflammation that is causing hydrops. Most people need 2-3 shots to get the full effect. My doc recommended them because I can't tolerate oral prednisone.

    Yes, some people get 3 months of relief. I only got about 3 weeks.

    It's another one of those palliative treatments that doesn't actually "fix" anything; it's just gives temporary relief. But I guess it's better than nothing....

    Bless all,
  3. ring

    ring New Member

    You never know what would have happened if I never got the shots, but I lost most of my hearing (I was not yet diagnosed with cochlear hydrops yet. It was a SSHL event) and got one shot and steadily got worse. Got a second shot and was much better the next day.

    In my opinion and I am NOT a doctor. It saved my hearing.

    PS: It was not until later that OT said he thought I had cochlear hydrops.
  4. vasu

    vasu New Member

    Thanks for the advice rondrums and ring. Still haven't decided but am leaning towards getting the shot.
  5. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    I have CH and I had dex injections the last time I lost my hearing. It was already pretty late in the episode for me -- we had already tried three courses of prednisone with no luck. Prednisone used to be my life saver, but I have stopped responding to the pills. I think the injections helped a little bit, but after three of them, we stopped. My doctor doesn't believe in using the dex too much. Good luck!
  6. vasu

    vasu New Member

    Thanks Shartsoe.

    irony of ironies. After 3 months of symptoms, I feel almost normal this morning. And I have an appointment later this morning for dex shots.
  7. lydibug

    lydibug New Member

    It is so interesting to read the daily postings on this. I hardly get any work done some days. My two cents. It seems everyone is arguing over who's treatment is right and who's is wrong but at the same time everyone is saying that the base cause can be different. Therefor why wouldn't the treatments be different. Why can't there be more than one cure? there is often many ways to solve the same problem. Coming to the solution is the part you get the A+ for. Also, if the vaccine contains drugs that already exist that have been approved but haven't been used to treat in this sequence for this condition. Then why not. Obviously it is important to know the risk hence having the assistance of a doctor is helpful. But some of the drugs they are prescribing for autoimmune are quite risky. Maybe even riskier than many of the methods we are talking about. And they get handed out here, there and everywhere.
  8. CarolineJ.

    CarolineJ. New Member

    You are far too reasonable for this forum :D LOL

    All joking aside, most here have the same opinion as you but that sometimes get lost as those people post a comment once on a topic and move on whereas those that are focused on only one treatment tend to post a lot more on the one topic and don't seem to *hear* the other options. :)
  9. valsc0508

    valsc0508 New Member

    I had one in August 2013 and also started JOH. In October my symptoms began to fade and as of today they are still gone, except for a day or two during my monthly cycle each month. I don't know if it was the shot or JOH that helped, or both. The shot wasn't too bad but made me dizzy (not in a vertigo way but generally) for a week or two.
  10. vasu

    vasu New Member

    Due to some scheduling snafu, my appointment got canceled and I didn't get the shot yesterday.

    But the real story is that I feel better regardless. Yesterday morning was awesome. Almost no symptoms. Barely noticeable T and hearing back to near normal (my dial tone test showed both ears hearing nearly the same frequency, which has never happened since January). Towards evening the T has increased slightly, but still pretty low.

    The change in what Ive been doing is that I have been taking Nyastatin and Turmeric capsules for 2 weeks. I never had hopes on either. I've also joined Yoga, and am drinking a lot of water. I will need to tease apart what's been helping. And of course you have the normal fluctuations of the disease.

    But I hope things continue this way. If not, all bets are off. :).
  11. vasu

    vasu New Member

    Isn't the shot expected to start working in a matter of days or weeks? But glad you are feeling better.
  12. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    I see your SNAFU & raise you FUBAR.
  13. vasu

    vasu New Member

    Here's to hoping it doesn't become TARFU. . Where would we be without Wikipedia?
  14. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    Great to hear I hope your improvement continues!
  15. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Sir, UP SCWAP, Sir.

    ... Here's to you feeling better & the often frustrating process of disentangling causality, Drill Sergeant!

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