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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by Mnme, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. ariapace

    ariapace New Member

    lol !! that's a great metaphor (or whatever it is) lol.

    thanks for taking the lead on the chapter discussion. i'm looking forward to it.
  2. Aladdin

    Aladdin Guest

    thank you - i'm on a clear liquid diet lately -

    kass - i like water aerobics and they did help a lot maybe someday
  3. barcl003

    barcl003 Guest

    If you do the juice thing and your liver clears up, do the affects stay? When I look at the list that Aladdin quoted, I think I've done all of this, besides excessive drinking. But hasn't most people? I had liver problems when I was pregnant (pre-eclampsia with HELLP syndrome). They said my liver would return to normal. But I wonder if there is a coorelation with my bad habits and previous liver issues. These are just my issues, and wouldn't explain others but I just wonder if I could flush my body? Heidi
  4. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Your liver will only stay healthy if you refrain from harming it again with the things on the list in Lee's reply.

    Did anyone watch Supersize Me? It was a documentary about a guy who ate at McDonalds for a month. His doctor ordered him off doing it because his liver was experiencing so much damage. His typical diet at McDonalds contained refined sugar, processed food, hydrogenated oils, deep fried foods, lack of raw foods, deficiency of fatty acids, and the beef probably contained antibiotics. None of the food was organic so it was most likely exposed to pesticides.

    I know I can't tolerate processed foods. An occasional meal out won't bother me, but I don't feel as good after. Restaurants and grocery stores here are beginning to "get it". We have some health food stores that now have fresh salads, organic sandwiches, and gluten-free food (for those who require it). They are doing well. The other thing I notice is that organic food tastes SO MUCH BETTER than other food. The only thing I order from restaurants anymore is fresh fish.

    I think genetics plays an important part in all this, too. Some people will NEVER get high triglicerides, no matter how much sugar they eat; they'll never get elevated LDL no matter how many cheeseburgers they eat. But it doesn't mean bad eating won't take a toll somewhere else in their health.....like getting colon cancer. The way I see it, better safe than sorry. I never liked the taste of alcohol, so that's one less thing I need to worry about. I'll get my antioxidants from organic blueberries and grapes :D
  5. Julie

    Julie New Member

    I've suffered migraines 30 years, dx with right tmj degenerative joint disease in 1991 (only option surgery...decided against it), dx with mm 6 years ago, right ear (hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, mild balance loss). Could these be connected? Anyone else suffering all these things?

    Recently began massage treatment, trigger point, for migraine and tmj. Considering chiro and splint. Interested in opinions....Am I starting in the right direction? Should I look into other treatments for tmj?

    Feeling a little overwhelmed....not sure where to start


  6. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Julie, so many folks on this site complain of the very same symptoms you do, just so many. So many in fact that I do not believe it would be not natural unless these symptoms are related. All of these symptoms could easily be cause by nerve impingements in the brainstem area. Both Lee's therapies and upper cervical chiropractic attack those impingements, but from to different angles. I believe those treatments can complement each other. I know they can complement each other. For my wife, a trigeminal neuralgia sufferer, we started with NUCCA, got her frame set, and now we concentrate on the muscles, stretching and trigger points. She is doing FANTASTIC! So if you are looking for a place to start, I would encourage you to do the same thing we have been successful with. Check your frame at UC chiropractic. Get that fixed. And then do all the therapies in Lee's book. You can do one, or the other; but I'll telll you, nothing has freed my wife from her symptoms like doing the whole shebang. I am hopeful for anyone who tries what has helped others who have the same or similar symptoms. You are in that group.

    Listen to what others tell you as well.

    Good luck to you.

  7. Hot diggety dog, a synthesis going on here.
  8. Titus

    Titus New Member


    I was dx with Menieres AFTER I suffered neck and TMJ trauma from an auto accident. My TMJ is completely dislocated and doesn't racapture when my jaw closes. I have my worst vertigo episodes when my neck and jaw are hurting the most. I was also dx with MAV. I get classic migraines with the aura.

    I went to University of Pittsburgh Balance Center and was evaluated by a doctor who published a book on dizziness and is an autoneurologist. My neurologist found him through Mayo Clinic. I was seen at the U of P Balance Center in July 2005 and put through two days of testing (most of which were repeats of the tests I had at Mayo and Shands Teaching Hospital in Florida). He said that he does see patients who have vertigo, hearing loss, fullness, and tinnitis that also have MAV and TMD. He was also concerned that my neck is playing into the dizziness I experience 24/7.

    Prior to this I had trigger point injections, 10-12 NUCCA sessions, massage, and every test in the book. The deep tissue massage with trigger point injections gave me some relief from the 24/7 dizziness. I was dx with atypical Menieres because my hearing fluctuates and doesn't seem to progress to loss. I have all the other symptoms. I also had two appliances from TMJ specialists and that alone cost over $5,000. They didn't help because my TMJ is still not recapturing. The NUCCA treatments would only hold one or two days. I have very sore inner mouth trigger points which are connected to the TMJ. It all makes sense to me. I just hope I take the time I need to give this program a go. It looks like I'll have to give up some of my duties at the college and just teach online (if they let me). But I really want to get better, not just cope as I have for the past five years.
  9. ariapace

    ariapace New Member

    yes, take the time to get better!
  10. Julie

    Julie New Member

    Thanks Kim for sharing your story!! Our symptoms sound very similar. Migraines came first....dx with tmj in 91 "crepitus of the right joint" with deviation to the right side...also "torn miniscus", "collapsed intercapsillary space with irregular margins of the cortical head involving the condyle" suggestive of "degenerative joint disease". Since I've suffered mm symptoms also right ear, it makes sense to me that they are somehow related or at least aggrivating things.

    Next visit to the massage therapist, she will work inside mouth on joint and show me how to do it myself.

    Like you, I've simply coped best I can, as I've been a caregiver for many years but now with DBL, I too would like to "take the time to get better!"

    Julie :)
  11. kass

    kass New Member

    Julie, as someone who has had the privilege of working face to face with Lee, trust me, Lee's written mud-map to support you in finding your way home within yourself and 'get better' really can work - simply by giving yourself and your body the right support and environment for its innate powers to heal itself - as our divine maker truly intended.
    DBL concepts live in the conundrum of too-simple/too-hard - similar to grasping the fundamental principles of meditation for the very first time.

    But once grasped, its a lifestyle change that eventually leads us to again find our True-North home.

    Kim, my fellow traveller of some 5 years, I salute you, your profession and professional approach. 

    Lee's legacy to her fellow suffers, is indeed, in safe and ethical hands - to continue its sacred journey outwards...

    To those who witnessed the coming together of this home-grown tome  www.discoveringbodylogic.com  within the hot-bed of M.org - just smile knowingly to yourselves ;-)

    For those who sit on the fence and ponder, may I reference my recovery, which can be viewed on the following Power-Point and within all of the stories on the LEFT of the web page.

    If you are interested, Google Zonta Club of Perth - then click on Ngarinyin Friendship link on Left, then click thru Power-point + thank you story etc etc.   I am the Kathy C within those stories - my work with the traditional people is a strictly voluntary passion of some 15 years.

    2004 my mm symptoms were raging, yet I still didn't understand WHY this was so - I certainly do know WHY now !  

    2005/6 I started my body logic journey. 

    The 'Thank-You' story is very relevant, as I made that journey with NO medication - just my trusty theka-cane and DBL knowledge in my head as my security blanket.

    Travel well my friends...

    Kathy C

  12. Henrysullivan

    Henrysullivan New Member

    Why don't you, just for the heck of it, drop over to


    For the question. I will look for it.

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