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  1. Bergie

    Bergie New Member

    September 17–23, 2006
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  2. HeadNoise

    HeadNoise Invisible Me

    VEDA is a great organization. In the past I have sent my local newspaper information about Balance Awareness Week, but apparently nobody but us was aware :p .
  3. Bergie

    Bergie New Member

    This was LAST come none of us knew I wonder???
  4. dizzjo

    dizzjo One day at a time & baby steps!

    I generally post about this every year and take a press release to the local rags, but they never post it and I never have had a response in the past from forum members, so I just decided to forget about it for this year.

    The have this every year and every year they issue a press release that we can take to our paper if we want.

    It is a shame that more of us are not able to bring this to the attention of our own local media. One year I printed enough to paper cars in the mall and drop off at local pharmacies and the Dr.s office. I wonder if they got the message that year.

    The year I papered the mall, I was told that what I was doing was illegal, so I left. I know I spen about $50.00 just for this information in printing fees and another on vestibular disorders.

    VEDA had a great newsletter that comes out quarterly.

    They also have excellent reading material and a great handbook for someone with Meniere's Disease. Check out this site, if you haven't already.

    dizzjo 8)
  5. sparksmith

    sparksmith New Member

    we have no problem with balance awareness, just balance itself

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