Aussies - The Enttex P100 is on the ABC tonight

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by cheese, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Just letting you know that the Enttex P100 (, an Australian made alternative to the Meniett device, is being featured on the ABC show, "the new inventors" (i think thats its name)

    It's on tonight, wednesday 27th, at 8pm.

    Thats sydney time anyway may want to check to see when it is on in your neck of the woods if you're interested
  2. Goomeri Spinner

    Goomeri Spinner New Member

    Thanks so much Cheese
    I will be watching if I can wrest the TV remote of the 2 teenagers staying with me ;D

  3. vwjimmyoz

    vwjimmyoz New Member

    Me too Cheese,

    I'll check it out, it's on at 8.00pm CST too :)

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    Ta Cheese. Hi to all us Aussies!

  5. scribbledot

    scribbledot New Member

    Hi Cheese,

    Thanks for that. if anyone missed it (like I did) there is a repeat on..........ABC 2

    Saturdays at 10.00pm
    (Repeats again on Sundays at 12.00 noon)

    Hopefully they mean the program from wednesday night.

  6. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Hi and no worries at all

    I watched it and was a bit dissapointed they didnt go into much depth to be honest. But i suppose thats to be expected with a half hour show that has lots of segements to get through

    They spent most of the time showing the N300, rather than the P100. The N300 sucks, rather than blows( ;D), and its for popping your ears whilst flying .........

    I think the N300 would also be handy for people who suffer pulsatile tinnitus. I find that if i pop my ears, the pulsatile tinnitus is relieved for a short while.

    It was good to hear that there was a precise valve in both products, which allows you to apply the correct amount of pressure with each pump, no matter how hard or soft you pump it.

    It seems like a really nice design too. You could take it in your pocket wherever you go, unlike the meniett which seems alot bulkier
  7. sotko

    sotko New Member

    I watched it and was disappointed about the no detail. But i am sure if the judges had any idea what people go through, they would have given a little more time to it, and voted it as the winner......

    Don't know of anyone who has used it, and if anyone has, would be good to find out how they went with it.
  8. cheese

    cheese New Member

    His a link to watch the segment online if anyone is interested

    It's pretty boring, but ah well
  9. cheese

    cheese New Member

    actually ...that clip is just of the segway ....sorry :s
  10. Nairina

    Nairina New Member

    I have had one for a few months, quite happy with it - cynical at first, no difference but a couple of weeks ago ent found an infection in one ear and a blocked tube in the other - since those 2 problems fixed I can feel the entex doing something when I use it.
  11. gerg

    gerg New Member

    I did'nt see it on the ABC but checked out the website.
    I'm a bit phased about how you can control the pressure
    from this gizmo? Too much pressure on the ear drum would
    be akin to say the pressure from a dive and we know that
    too much pressure on the ear drum can cause tinnitus and
    rupture an ear drum.
    My feeling is that if you cannot control the pressure without
    some built in safety mechanism then this device is useless to
    say the least. Maybe I'm being a bit critical, but I think that
    when it comes to our already damaged ears we cannot be blase.

  12. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Gerg, the P100 has a precise valve in it, so no matter how hard or soft you "squeeze" it, the exact same amount of pressure is always applied.

    And interesting, Nairina. You're the 1st one on these boards that has used it, so keep us posted on what you think of it. I would like one, but spending 5 hunj when i;ve already got a meniett seems a bit pointless at this stage.
  13. Nairina

    Nairina New Member

    it was around AU$300 I think; hard to say how effective such things are as with such and up and down illness who knows why we feel good at time and crappy at others. However the tubes and this device are all I am using at the moment, went of Serc a few months ago as it seemed to be making me worse.

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