ANyone out there on Tanganil?

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by flicka, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. flicka

    flicka Me and Jacob

    Hi, I've read a fair few posts on here and other info about medication being taken. But don't seem to have come across anyone on Tanganil.
    Is there anyone out there except for me taking it? I would really like to know, as when I looked it up I saw it is made in France, and my doctor INSISTS it is the only treatment for Menieres!
    So could you reply letting me know what you are taking maybe? If anyone out there except me is taking Tanganil I would like to know what they think of it?
    If I get no replies I will assume no-one but me and the idiot french are taking it. I live in France by the way, which is why I have a french doctor prescribing me strictly french meds!
    He only wants me to have Tanganil and Betaserc and refuses to give me anything else, rubbishing the research I have done on here and other websites. I hate him. I hope he gets Menieres himself. That would teach him.
  2. nassman

    nassman Guest

    You have said some very racist things against the French in many of your posts. You can't generalize or stereotype the way you do. It is wrong.

    If I said the things you have said about the French but instead, I said it about Jewish people or black, I'd be labelled a racist and an anti-Semite. Why is it ok to say these things against the French?

    And for your information, Tanganil contains the amino-acid Acetyl-Leucine, which is prescribed to help with vertigo and nausea.

    SERC (or betaserc as you call it) is used as a front-line treatment against meniere's in many parts of the world (Canada, Europe, Asia).

    Seems to me your doc is following a pretty standard path when it comes to treating meniere's.
  3. nassman

    nassman Guest

    Acetyl-leucine (Tanganil RTM) in racemate form and the salts of same are known for their effectiveness in the treatment of vertigo of various origins, notably Meniere's vertigo and vertigo of inflammatory (vestibular neuritis) or toxic origin.

    Acetyl-leucine is marketed by Pierre Fabre Medicament in racemate form as an anti-vertigo medicament under the name Tanganil.RTM. Clinical results relating to said medicament reported by various authors demonstrate an improvement in vertigo symptomatology in more than 95% of cases, including the disappearance of vertigo attacks.
  4. flicka

    flicka Me and Jacob

    Well, it certainly didn't get rid of my attacks. If you had to cope with my doctor you would start to feel victimised, I can tell you. he totally refused to listen to anything I had to say, and I went all prepared with papers downloaded showing studies etc and refused to say he could speak English as the papers were in English, of course. Just ignored me, and tried to make me feel stupid.
    If you had received this treatment, as I have many times in many walks of life here, you would be starting to feel like I do. I am not generalising in decrying the whole race, but many of the ones I have encountered for various different things are like this.
    Fact of life. I love living here in France, but constantly meet racism directed against the British over here by the locals.
    It would be nice to be able to tell you that we are treated like welcome guests, but we are not. Anyone thinking that they are is either lucky in those whom they have met, or can't speak enough of the language to realise what is going on. I have french friends, who are wonderful, but THEY say the same things I have said about their fellow countrymen. They are educated people (my french friends) and they see the drawbacks amongst their fellows just as I do.
    My french friend told me that the reason the french do not acknowledge foreign qualifications without a great deal of fuss is because they consider theiir own to be superior to any other. You should have seen her face as she said this. She was laughing at them. And she is french out and out, and quite nationalistic. But well educated.
    I expected a doctor to be unbiased, but his treatment of me (very offhanded and dismissive of me as I was not french) was not what I expect of a professional person.
    I know there are people like this the world over. And I wouldn't like them either.
    If you lived here you would meet the 'if it's french it must be the best' attitude all the time. I just wish this attitude prevailed in the UK a bit more. It is needed there. But it doesn't stop it being irritating when you meet it.
    My husband was shoppiing with just a basket of shopping and went to the ten items checkout. In front of him was a lady with a trolley load. The check out girl actually told her she should go to another till. She refused. Do you know what she said? "I have the right." And this attitude prevails everywhere.
    We are shot over six days a week in winter, our little island of wildlife peace of four hectares constantly surrounded by hunters waiting for a bit of wildlife to pop its head up off our land or maybe even on our land. I have read of horses shot in their fields beside their owner's house, in a horse magazine, by someone who "has the right" to shoot where he wants, and when he has drunk several bottles of wine.
    I could go on.
    I will finish by saying that this is not everywhere, but it happens a lot in my bit of France and it gets me down a lot. The doctor is the icing on the cake really, or the thin end of the wedge.
    Feeling as ill as I do I don't expect to be treated like that.
    No wonder I feel fed up.
    So don't jump down on me for saying the truth please.
    Especially if you don't live in France.

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