Anxiety is growing with the barometric pressure.

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by recentlydizzy, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. recentlydizzy

    recentlydizzy New Member

    Wow what a morning! My face and ears are loaded with pressure and I feel lightheaded. We are having a wonderfully windy day so I thought I would check out the forecast. Turns out the barometric pressure is 29.85 % and rising. No doubt this is effecting my ears and everything else. Well I am going back to bed, best wishes everyone! ciao.
  2. rondrums

    rondrums Bilateral

    Happens to me every time the barometric pressure changes (which happens a lot in South Florida). Feel better, man.

  3. recentlydizzy

    recentlydizzy New Member

    Dang, long sleep and still like a mess. Well I guess it is just one of those days today.
  4. bubbagump

    bubbagump New Member

    how often does barometric pressure change within a city? is 30 a high number?
  5. nicmger

    nicmger New Member

    I think it is different depending on where you are. When I was in Seattle it would be 30 typically and go up to 31.something. Here in VA it seems to be more in the 29's unless a storm is coming through and then it climbs over 30 and then has some big fluctuations throughout the day. (Or at least what it seems on the days I have looked at it.)

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