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    Right now I am knocking out some bad grammar, redundant stuff, explaining how the eye can see further into the infrared spectrum than normal, and not sure what else yet. I sort of rushed this out for some other people but i'll be done with in a little while prolly....
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    Tom did you research the baking soda business? I'm interested. Have not had time to look at it but I will. If it is pertinent enough maybe we should include it. For now, finally, this sucker is finito, done. Your buddys are gonna be relieved when they understand where the strangest symptoms of all come from...the scary ones.
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    How do you know all this?
  4. earshurt

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    How do you know all this?

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but i'll try. I guess the best answer is roughly 25,000 hours of research. Personal experience. And working with many others whom have had experiences with it.

    If that doesn't answer the question, i'll try again.
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    Extensive medical background too, which is the spring board base of my research methods and understanding.
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    Are you a doctor? Pharmacist? Some kind of biologist?
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    I've been a pharma rep, a dental oral surgical rep, designed drug control systems, designed surgical operatories, sold all sorts of surgical equipment and supplies, sold xray equipment, automated computerized auto cad milling machines that make ceramic dental and surgical restorations, medical and dental supplies and equipment, taught infection control, sterile barrier cross contamination procedures, taught surgeons and doctors various surgical techniques and better techniques for a lot of other procedures they did, taught them better practice management.
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    This references candida and its role in disease. It can manifest itself as many diseases due to the fact that it releases 79 different toxins in the body.

    So, how effective is chemotherapy?

    Published in the journal Clinical Oncology

    in December 2004, the results of this study were astounding, showing that chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers!
    So, for example, with head and neck cancer, out of 5,139 cases only 97 were still alive after 5 years after going through chemotherapy (known in itself to be carcinogenic). 97 is 1.9% of 5,139. So when you doctor tells the person their chance is 50/50, he is not telling you the facts....

    In the U.S., chemo was most successful in treating testicular cancer and Hodgkin’s disease, where its success rate fell just below 38 percent and slightly over 40 percent respectively.

    Still well below the 50/50 mark…

    A review of chemo on 5-year survival rates in Australia garnered almost identical results, with a 2.3 percent success rate, compared to the U.S. 2.1 percent rate of success.
    And yet this is the best that conventional medicine has up its sleeve for treating this widespread killer.

    What Causes Cancer?

    Conventional medicine likes to focus on the impact of genetics as a causative agent in developing cancer, despite the fact that research indicates that genetics is not the main cause of this widespread phenomenon, even though it may play a small role in some people. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to the impact of plain and simple infections.
    Dr. Simoncini’s research has led him to believe that something as simple as a fungus, Candida, is the leading cause of cancer; that cancer itself is in fact a fungus. What we refer to as a tumor, is nothing more than your body’s attempt at protecting itself from that fungus.

    He brings up an analogy between psoriasis – an “incurable” disease of the skin that many treat as a fungus – and tumors, which are also an “incurable” disease of your body. Several studies have linked the presence of Candida with cancer, showing that anywhere between 79 to 97 percent of all cancer patients also have Candida.

    Dr. Simoncini’s explanation for how this phenomenon works – how Candida leads to deadly cancer – is that it’s a consequence of the weakening and exhaustion of your organs, and eventually your entire body, in the following stages:

    Candida roots itself in your deep connective tissue in various organs
    As a result, this evokes an organic defensive reaction as the connective tissue of your invaded organ attempts to encyst the fungin colonies through cellular hyper-production, which results in the formation of tumors
    Growths continue as the fungi spreads, both in your surrounding tissue, and remotely (aka “metastatis”). It is still always the same Candida attacking different tissues, but due to its highly adaptive qualities it is able to mutate to adapt itself to whatever environment it finds itself in, hence the various types of tumors
    Your body becomes progressively more exhausted, which allows the fungi to spread and take over more rapidly
    You die from “cancer”

    If Cancer is a Fungus, Then What is the Cure?

    In the video, Dr. Simoncini shows actual before-and-after footage of both bronchial cancer and colon cancer. Four days after his revolutionary and mind-blowingly simple treatment for bronchial cancer with a sodium bicarbonate and water flush, the tumors are gone…

    Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a baking soda, is the most potent anti-fungal substance there is. The problem with anti-fungal drugs, however, is that fungi are extremely adaptive, and can adapt to a new environment in three to four days. This renders anti-fungal drugs largely ineffective. The fungi do not adapt to the baking soda, but it is far more difficult to use as it needs to be injected directly into the tumor; swallowing the baking soda would not work at all.

    Candida yeast is not “one shared element,” so to speak, but rather “social elements,” or colonies, that are highly communicative.

    Because of their unique adaptation skills, sodium bicarbonate must be administered directly onto the tumor, and in so doing changing its ph very quickly, from acid to alkaline, which quickly and effectively kills off the yeast before it has time to adapt.

    For example, Dr. Simoncini’s experience has shown that 99 percent of breast- and bladder cancer can heal in just six days, entirely without the use of surgery, chemo or radiation, using just a local infiltration device (such as a catheter) to deliver the sodium bicarbonate directly to the infected site in your breast tissue or bladder.

    Why the Baking Soda Cancer Cure is Not Available Everywhere
    Unfortunately, Dr. Simoncini is yet another brilliant doctor who has been ousted from the medical community due to his revolutionary simple ideas of how to cure profit-making diseases.

    So many people refuse to believe that this is true and that it’s happening to good doctors, since “everyone knows” you must be a liability to human life if you’re stripped of your medical license.

    But the reason why Dr. Simoncini was kicked out is because as an oncologist – a cancer specialist -- he refused to use conventional cancer treatment methods, choosing instead to administer sodium bicarbonate, which is HARMLESS, as opposed to the often lethal use of chemotherapy.

    His lawyers have recently started a rehabilitation court trial at the International Court of Justice in Strassburg to have him reinstated.

    Preventive Measures – Combating Candida
    If the cause of cancer is the Candida fungus, then what is the root cause of the fungi? And how can you tell you might have too much yeast in your body, which might eventually lead to the formation of cancer?

    A good sign that Candida is on the loose is feeling “run down” and developing a craving for sugars and carbohydrates, as this is the main fuel for the growing amounts of yeast in your intestine. The more sugar and grains you eat, the more the yeast grows out of control. Eventually, this will weaken your immune system, which in turn can allow it to infiltrate various other organs.

    This imbalance in intestinal flora, sometimes called dysbiosis, can also lead to other more common, and less lethal, health problems, such as:


    Irritable bowel syndrome

    Weight gain

    Food allergies




    Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

    There are 79 different toxins released by the metabolism and die-off of Candida. This is why people with yeast overgrowth often feel so lousy; the Candida toxins are regularly entering their bloodstream. Two of these toxins, alcohol and acetaldehyde (the breakdown product of alcohol that causes hangovers), are in such high amounts in people with chronic yeast problems that you may actually end up feeling “drunk.”

    Acetaldehyde also reacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is why people with yeast overgrowth often experience mental and emotional disturbances such as anxiety, depression, poor concentration, and feeling spaced-out.

    How to Cure a Yeast Overgrowth

    For more on Candida and holistic treatment options, I recommend you review my previous article, Holistic Treatment for Candida Infection. The highlights of the treatments for yeast overgrowth include:

    The Right Diet and Exercise -- ( A diet rich in meats, chicken, eggs, seeds and nuts, vegetables, and healthy oils (free range and organic) -- while avoiding sugars and carbohydrate-rich foods -- will restrict the amount of fuel the yeast in your intestine has available to it. I would add ( to this) to make your diet in tune with your nutritional type. Once you’ve started on the diet, exercising will begin to rebalance the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain and improve your mood. One of the elements of diet that does seem counter intuitive is the absolute restriction of even fruits when one is seeking to eliminate yeast, as even the tiniest amounts of sugar seem to worsen this condition.

    Getting Plenty of Good Bacteria -- You will want to increase your probiotic (good bacteria) intake with a high-quality probiotic supplement or by eating cultured and fermented foods, such as natto. These contain the good bacteria that keep your vagina and gastrointestinal tract healthy and will ultimately replace the Candida.
    Avoiding Exposure to Chemicals -- Paints, household cleaners, perfumes and scents may cause allergic reactions, and chemical sensitivities are very common in people with yeast overgrowth.
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    Imnoscientist New Member


    Would you be willing to reconsider the advice you give at numbers 7 and 25? It concerns me that you advise people to withhold information from their doctor. It's difficult for a doctor to diagnose someone without knowing their full history. I understand your motivation regarding not wanting to mistakenly end up in a pysch ward but if someone is hearing voices it's a very real possibility they may be suffering from a mental illness. There should be no shame in that. I would hope that for both points 7 and 25 that people trust their doctor(s) enough to be completely open and truthful with them - if not, perhaps it's time to find a new doctor.

  10. earshurt

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    The title of what I wrote is "thoughts" on this situation. I am not advising anyone or telling anyone to do what i do. This is thinking out loud. These thoughts are mine. I feel the way I feel. If others don't feel the way I feel it is totally up to them and I will not argue with them about the way they feel.
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    The author of this article, Dr. Dean, is a key health advisor to, a Web site I highly recommend to women based on the pioneering work of Dr. William Crook.

    Dr. Crook, one of my first mentors and a friend who passed away last year, was the author of the classic book, The Yeast Connection, and many other bestsellers that helped millions of women. He was instrumental in helping me recognize that there was a wide network of physicians who understood the importance of nutrition. He indirectly helped connect me to this network and I will be ever grateful for his guidance in this area as that was really the beginning of my journey into high-level natural health.

    His great legacy is being carried on at, where you will find out all the latest insights on how Candida yeast causes problems in your body, and how to alleviate them.

    By Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.
    Health advisor,

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia are similar conditions, with long lists of symptoms for which there are few real remedies. While they are called different disorders, CFS and fibromyalgia are close cousins, sharing many of the same symptoms. They are often spoken of in the same breath.

    In fact, they may be connected. Certainly their similarities, beginning with a shared feeling of profound fatigue make it easy to find a connection between the two.

    Only recognized by the CDC since 1988, CFS, now called Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), is characterized by the following factors:

    Extreme fatigue
    Muscle and joint aches and pains
    Muscle weakness
    Chronic headaches
    Swollen glands
    Periodic fevers and chills
    Sore throat
    Numbness and tingling of the extremities
    Inability to cope with any stress
    Cognitive dysfunction
    Not until 1990 did the American College of Rheumatology establish diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia that included incapacitating fatigue, muscle and joint pain, neuralgia, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, cognitive confusion and digestive problems.

    It appears that CFIDS and fibromyalgia may also be connected to yeast overgrowth for the simple reason that a significant number of sufferers from these two syndromes find relief when they follow an anti-candida diet and other protocols to address Candida albicans yeast overgrowth, including prescription antifungal medications when necessary. The decided lack of interest by the scientific establishment in studying candidiasis alone or as it affects people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia leaves a distinct gap in our ability to treat these conditions.

    However, Carol Jessup, M.D., who treated 1,000 CFIDS patients with anti-fungal medication, found that up to 75 percent of patients with CFS also had candidiasis. She is convinced that if candida is treated, the majority of CFIDS patients will recover.

    Disputed studies

    A study by Dismukes in 1990 on only 42 patients given a double-blind trial of therapy with the prescription antifungal medication, Nystatin, claimed to "prove" that chronic candidiasis did not exist because neither Nystatin or placebo benefited the patients. Dismukes also declared that since chronic candidiasis was not reproducible in an animal model, it was not verifiable.

    However, the country's foremost authority on yeast infections, the late Dr. William Crook said that Dismukes got it all wrong. Dr. Crook said Dismukes' study was, in fact, successful. It was successful in proving that Nystatin alone is not the treatment for chronic candidiasis. Dr. Crook's approach to candidiasis involved a combination of diet, probiotics and antifungal supplements and antifungal medication when necessary.

    In spite of Dr. Crook's decades of dedicated work on the yeast connection, conventional medicine has not given chronic candidiasis sufferers any support. Perhaps, it's because conventional medicine only seems to investigate drug treatments and only uses one drug at a time in research. By continuing this one-sided approach, they may never catch up with Dr. Crook and the benefits he gave many thousands of people affected with candida. Patients, however, for the most part, are left struggling to find answers themselves.

    The complaint of being "tired, so tired" and "sick all over" is a common link between sufferers of CFIDS, fibromyalgia and yeast overgrowth. So is the litany of multiple visits to numerous physicians without relief, and the laundry list of symptoms in common.

    Even though they are so similar, CFIDS and fibromyalgia have some defining differences.


    The CFIDS Association estimates that 800,000 Americans suffer from this condition, but no more than 16 percent have been diagnosed. In addition to muscle pain, multi-joint pain without swelling or redness, and lack of refreshing sleep, CFIDS sufferers complain of:

    Deep fatigue lasting more than 24 hours after exercise
    Impairment of short-term memory or concentration
    Sore throat
    Tender lymph nodes
    Headaches of a new type, pattern or severity
    The association adds, "CFIDS brings with it a constellation of debilitating symptoms... It is characterized by incapacitating fatigue experienced as a profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina." Although many doctors tell patients suffering from these symptoms that "it's all in your head," it is not a psychological disorder.

    Unfortunately, there are no specific diagnostic tests for CFIDS, and no cure has been found. There are a number of treatments that can be helpful, along with yeast-related treatments. Many people with CFIDS are highly sensitive to drug therapy and find much more relief taking natural nutrients and non-invasive therapies.

    Some of these include:

    Supplements for digestive problems and nausea that often accompany CFIDS, including probiotics, digestive enzymes and ginger

    Supplements for depression and anxiety, including St. John's wort, tryptophan, and 5-HTP

    Supplements for muscle and joint pain, including magnesium malate, glucosamine sulphate

    Counseling, to help develop coping skills necessary to live with a debilitating chronic disease (not overdoing it is the most difficult skill to acquire)

    Gentle exercise (yoga is great!)

    Sleep and rest management (St. John's wort, tryptophan, and 5-HTP are also very useful for sleep)

    For more about these solutions, visit our Web store.

    Stay tuned for Part II in our next newsletter.

    Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., is health advisor to Woman's Health Connection at and is featured on the website's "Ask A Pro" page. Her latest books are The Miracle of Magnesium and Natural Prescriptions for Common Ailments.


    Dismukes, W. E., J. S. Wade, J. Y. Lee, B. K. Dockery, and J. D. Hain. 1990. A randomized, double-blind trial of Nystatin therapy for the candidiasis hypersensitivity syndrome. N. Engl. J. Med. 323:1717-1725.
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    Ok, I guess it's a personal expression thing. You used the imperative mood which is to give directions, commands, and instructions - I'm probably just being a pedantic grammar nerd because I used to be an English teacher.
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    Its ok Imnoscientist. I understand your concern. I'll flesh that out for you a little bit. I don't mind. Maybe this will help you to understand my thoughts a little better.

    Comments based on my experiences and opinions.

    When a person can answer "no" to all ten questions on a psych exam and be diagnosed as "at great risk of major depression" what in the world does that say about these testing procedures? To me it says "run for the hills folks", there is no way out of Psych Ville.

    As my own little mini clinical trial I did an experiment at Mayo Clinic. I had a psych evaluation. One of the first questions was "Do you ever feel stressed about your finances?" Boy what a question. How many of us would answer yes to that one? Can I get an amen brothers?

    She was smiling at me, almost learing, it made me uncomfortable. She was plastic acting, like she was selling. You know, overly courteous.

    My answer, "no not really".
    Question: "But doesn't it ever bother you when you think about your finances?"
    Answer: "I have the money I have, I do the best I can with it, so I don't let it stress me out."
    Question: "But do you ever have times you can't pay your bills and feel bothered about it?"

    I'm thinking lady, how many ways are there that I can tell you no? Is this the Great Inquisiton? Do you have cognitive dysfunction? But since I already knew exactly where this little dog and pony show was headed I decided to give a little rope and confirm what I already knew. I knew the slightest hint of yes would have me lasered as a blazing depressoid who needed a med.

    So I answered: "Well yes when I can't pay a bill of course it may make me uncomfortable sometimes but I don't really worry about it too much".

    Ahhhh. Question answered. She marked her page and on we flew to the next question. No matter how many times or in how many ways she asked the rest of the questions I played happy camper deluxe to the max. She seemed a bit frustrated by that but I refused to relent.

    After my psych evaluation came back I was diagnosed with "severe financial depresssion" and pressured by the shrink to take a med. I finally told her "no, no, no. I will not take your med, not in box with a fox, not with green eggs and ham, no maam I will not take your med." She sort of laughed but still didn't seem to find it that funny. When the visit was through she gave me a card, like a business card type card, that some drug rep had obviously given her. It had the name of a drug on it and a number to call if I changed my mind. I don't remember which drug it was.

    Had I answered those questions as any normal person would, I would have probably been diagnosed as manic depressive paranoid schizophrenic super cala fraga listic x p ala dosious catatonic. I would have been so drugged on psych meds that I would have probably ended up on the wrong side of a bed knob and woke up in a threesome with Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins, and Toto to boot, while Dorothy filmed the whole thing live from her storm bunker satellite link in Kansas.

    After we were through she handed me a release form and said, "here sign this so I can release these records to your primary physician". I said no thanks I am collecting my own records, and when I get them all I will deliver them to him myself. She did not like that one tiny bit and she tried her best to pressure me into signing it. I told her flatly that she was annoying the hell out of me and that I would not sign it. She insisted that even "I" had to sign it to get a copy of it myself. I told her that was illegal, those were my records, and that I was entitled to a copy. She argued with me so I said, "Ok I used to design the patient rights forms when I first got out of college. I know the law. I'll sign this over to myself only and indicate that it is good for one instance only. And if it gets out of here and into anyone elses hands i'll sue you. Ok?" She was pissed.

    So I told this little story as a prelude to this next article. Be very careful when you answer these questions. There are people going to schools with a group called "Teen Screen" and they ask kids questions just like what you will read below. No matter how you answer them you will be diagnosed with mental disorder. The DSM-IV manual of psych disorders is a disaster and a disgrace "in my opinion".

    Regardless of what bad things may have been or will be drummed up about Dr. Mercola by his detractors he is a heck of a fine guy in my eyes. He makes money on his site but he makes people well and not sicker. A real hero in my eyes. There are probably "hit sites" sponsored by pharma, disguised to look legit, slamming Dr. Mercola, but I pay no attention to those. One of the finest and most honest neurosurgeons on the planet, Dr. Russell Blaylock, who believes in supplements and sells some supplements to make people well has drawn the ire of the corporate machine and they have finely tuned hit sites to smear him too. When I see honest doctors slammed by these fake front sites I know to pay special attention to their good advice.

    This speaks for itself though. When you can answer "no" to ten questions and be diagnosed with "risk of major depression" all I can say is wowzers ya'll.

    exerpt from article:

    "WebMD has changed its Eli Lilly-sponsored depression test so that not every answer results in a diagnosis of potential major depression. BNET noted on Feb. 22 that if you checked the "no" box to all 10 symptoms in the online quiz, the results page said, "You may be at risk for major depression," and urged users to call a doctor "right away" if they were feeling suicidal.

    Now, the result for someone indicating no symptoms of depression says:

    Lower Risk

    You replied that you are feeling four or fewer of the common symptoms of depression. In general, people experiencing depression have five or more common symptoms of the condition. But every individual is unique. If you are concerned about depression, talk with your doctor.

    While "lower risk" is certainly an improvement for someone indicating no symptoms of depression, WebMD is still gilding the Lilly."

    I agree. This "screening" test is just a cleverly disguised form of direct-to-consumer marketing.

  14. Imnoscientist

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    I took the test (from your link). I scored 7/10 which they said put me at low risk of depression. That feels about right :). I think you're saying though that you took an earlier version of the test which came out 'high' even if all the answers were no? If I'm correct you're using this example to illustrate that you lack confidence in the diagnostic process and that you think if you tell a doctor that you hear voices they will conclude you have a mental illness? If I'm misrepresenting you please correct me. If I'm right - I understand your concern BUT I would still be worried about concealing that from a doctor. Hearing voices can be a symptom of a brain tumour or lesions or stroke as well as serious mental illness such as psychosis, paranoid delusions and schizophrenia. But you've said you will clarify that these are your personal musings/feelings rather than advice so...we're good.
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    It occurs to me that if one declines to tell their doctor they are hearing voices for fear of being labelled paranoid that could itself be seen as evidence of paranoia! Although of course it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you...;)

    I'm put in mind of Catch 22 here (IMO one of the best books ever written):

    There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he were sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.
  16. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    Absolutely one of the best books ever written.
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    Interesting you mention fibromyalgia, earshurt.

    I took an on-line quiz about fibromyalgia. I do not have fibromyalgia, nor do I have any symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia. A friend of mine is diagnosed with fibromylagia, and told me about the website; she was in awe that it was able to diagnose her based on some simple questions, when her doctors couldn't for ten years. I answered the questions honestly, which meant that all my answers were "no," except for "have you ever had pain in any joints?"

    Note, it wasn't "DO you have pain in any joints," but "HAVE YOU EVER HAD..."

    Well, yeah, I had pain in my shoulder (a joint :) ) when a tendon was torn off the bone.

    So out of 20 questions, I had one "yes."

    I was informed that my symptoms (yes, plural, symptomS) were consistent with fibromyalgia, and that I ought to consult a fibromyalgia specialist. I was actually then bounced to a website that would make an appointment for me. I declined. Then I began receiving tons of emails from the same address informing of different fibromyalgia "breakthrough" medications, like Lyrica. I had to put the address on my spam list.
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    What do you do for a living now?
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    Grab and Run Sheet #19 edited, December 14 2010
    added coconut oil, baking soda, neem, olive leaf
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    Some/many of these symptoms can be caused by things like brain tumors as well. I hope everyone who takes a grab and run sheet has already seen a specialist and had a work up to eliminate all other causes of these kinds of symptoms which might require immediate treatment.

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