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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by earshurt, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I would be interested to know more about your situation so I can compare notes. I know some peoples story around here but not yours. I may find some nuggets in your experiences. I'm sure there are threads where you explain your experiences?
  2. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Tom we already talked about this privately, this is for the benefit of others.
    Oh yeah I saw these little critters on a regular basis. My theory on the reason this is possible is because due to the curvature of the eye, its almost perfectly slick finish, its focal point comes in at the center as such that it becomes a microscope when seen from within.

    When I was taking a chemistry class we used microscopes. When I would look through the microscope, which concentrated my vision in one place, I could see them just like they were on a slide under the microscope itself. The microscope served as a backdrop for my vision and shot light up into my eye from the lens and I could see it plain as day. The microscope was not crucial for me to see this. I could see it anyway just sitting around looking at the wall. I could do the same thing with a flashlight and get the same results but doing it with the microscope was better.

    I have some stories I can tell about this vision business people would not believe. Maybe I will some day.
  3. jesseandalison

    jesseandalison New Member

    Ive heard it works wonders for a lot of stuff.
    but burns bad
  4. jaypr

    jaypr New Member

    Love your attitude earshurt particularily in thinking of other people and the pleasure you get from helping.

    I started with the rose hips two days ago and will add turmeric sometime next week. I have two separate things going on, ie menieres symptoms in the ear which is viral which the JOH keeps in check and cervical vertigo which I am hoping that your rose hip for inflamation and turmeric will help. Ill let you know how I go over the coming weeks.


  5. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

    Rose hips? Did I miss posts with info on rose hips?
  6. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Rose Hips have been proven effective for relieving the pain of Osteoarthritis. I buy mine by the pound as it is much much much cheaper. I put it in a blender and grind it down finer. I take a teaspoon at a time a couple of times a day.

    The Turmeric is also a good ant-inflammatory. One thing I noticed about the Turmeric is that it was a miracle for my wrist which has some damaged carpals. My wrist was in such bad shape that I was having trouble using my left hand. After I started taking Turmeric in just a few a few days the pain in the wrist diminished by a minimum of 75% or more.

    Although, the Turmeric did not do much for my lower back. I suspect this is because there is muscle spasm pain there that the Turmeric did not help with. On my lower back I used DMSO and it is also good for arthritis. The longer it is used the more effective it is. Many patients reported that it worked in a few minutes and some reported that it took a couple of months. Many reported that within 6 months it provided relief that nothing else could match.

    It works in a few minutes for me. If I rub it on my back regularly it helps a lot with the lower back pain.
  7. jesseandalison

    jesseandalison New Member

    heres one from another web group,

    Lipoflavinoids is really just a patented name for BIOflavinoids:

    This from the web:
    Lipoflavonoid is a copyrighted name for a vitamin/mineral supplement made by NUMARK Laboratories. Its "secret" ingredient is bioflavonoids made from lemon extract. Bioflavonoids are compounds found on the inside of fruit skins that are supposed to increase blood circulation to the extremities. This blood circulation theory is the link that it is supposed to help cure tinnitus by increasing blood flow to the cochlea (same as ginkgo and niacin).

    My doctor also recommended this but as bioflavinoids, which you can find in vitamin stores, often in conjunction with vitamin C. Bioflavinoids actually come from the inside of all citrus fruit... it's that white stuff in there. But you'd need to eat a gazillion of them to get the benefit of one tablet. I get a vitamin C which also contains 1000 mg of bioflavinoids.
  8. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    One of the things I do for inflammation in joints is apply DMSO. Comes in gel form. Comes in both 70% and 99%. Effectiveness seems to go down after the percentage gets higher than 70%. May smell garlic like smell after you put it on. This is normal. It can knock the swelling out of a sprained ankle in an hour in some cases. In some cases of severe arthritis it can take six months to really get serious relief. Personally on my lower back I get relief within minutes. The more days I do it the more relief I get. Many patients with joint related inflammation report getting relief from it like nothing else they ever used. Non toxic. Safe.
  9. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    The Grab and Run Sheet
    Author: "earshurt"
    December 13, 2010
    Written in forum, thanx Ray, gracious host
    Distribute freely, please do not edit, very specific reasons for what is written.

    Thoughts on treating systemic candida yeast and or viral infections. Also has crossover symptoms with menieres.

    All symptoms may not be present. Individuals may have unique symptoms. My approach was virus and candida yeast infection, related treatment got results. I got my life back but not full cure.

    Not getting fast results does not indicate you don't fit here, getting results does not absolutely indicate that you do. Its common for doctors to think people with these symptoms are crazy when they're not.

    Hearing Possibilities: hearing sounds like crickets, whooshes, bees buzzing, bangs, voices, roaring, music, humming, frying, fizzing, crackling, popping, roaring and all manner of weirdness. This is tinnitus. Sometimes sounds like it is inside the head, behind you, in your ear, above you, etc...Possible ability to hear higher or lower frequencies you normally can't hear such as the sound of electricity in the walls, this is 60 hertz frequecy. Some humans hear as low as 20 hertz. Ability to hear traffic, factories, etc...much further away than normal. Certain constant frequencies may create weirdness, hum of car tires, fans, air conditioning unit running, etc...

    Vision Possibilities: Flashing lights, sometimes mainly in corners of eyes. Floaters, dark spots, may look like dry rain in the air. Floating balls of light, may appear as if across the room. Could look like light flashed in the room with you, in a room down the hall, or outside the window or door, etc.... Sky/clouds look 3D to some people. If it appears the environment, balls of light, react or behave strangely, you have new substances in your eye's vitreous fluid. This acts as an infrared bandpass filter, like a camera bandpass filter, enabling you to see further into the infrared spectrum than normal. Its possible you can see light frequencies you can't normally see. Very similar to what cats can see that humans can't. If this is happening to you, you are indeed able to see things other humans cannot see. Enjoy it, learn from it, it will be gone if successfully treated. Cool huh?

    Possible fatigue, hallucinations, lack of appetite, head aches, nausea, diarrhea, mucus in stools, weight loss, brain fog, lethargy, confusion, dizziness, unsteady on feet, sensation of movement in lower stomach ,sensation of ground moving under your feet, vertigo, etc...

    Possible pain in ear, face, head around ear, cheek bone, lymph node infections in neck, crawling/prickling sensations on the skin, itchy skin around ear head, pain in teeth, tickling sensations in the ear, feeling like you have a wreath on your head, sinus/nasal cavity infection, nasal drip, sharp pain radiating in chest down toward the heart, pain above pallet in mouth, cranial nerve pain, pus discharge from ear, facial palsy, sudden itchy rash or whelps on body, etc...

    Possible Electrostatic Disturbance: The body is full of many unusual chemicals right now. Human body works like a D.C. battery, has D.C. current. Electrostatic potentials may be heightened. May notice strange electrical disturbances. Congratulations, the body becomes a mini lightening rod. Many tin foil hats originated here. 8)

    The tinfoil hat is not needed to protect you from the electromagnetic microwave ray gun or the ufos. The one worn in an effort to keep them from frying the noggin, but if it makes one feel better keep it on. ;) Style points count though. ::)

    1. Organisms may be seen in the eye as if through a microscope. One would think most doctors know this. They don't. Finding one that specializes in this sort of weirdness candida/fungus on the web is a plus.

    2. Antibiotics. Can make the problem worse by killing the good flora (bacteria) in the gut. Unless serious problems exist, best avoided.

    3. If candida "leaky gut" may be present. This lets candida and food proteins pass through the stomach wall and into the blood, can cross blood brain barrier. Very important. Ever had a hiatal hernia? Swab inside of nose with baking soda, tea tree oil and or rosemary regularly. Something could be getting in the body that way.

    4. If flat broke, no insurance, no money, don't despair. Inexpensive natural substances are as effective, sometimes safer, than drugs. That should make one smile. ;)

    5. If stressed and isolated don't alienate family/friends. One may need their help. Certain people may think one is insane, give one problems. Limit what one says to these people. Easier not to say it, than create problems from doing so. Find a forum and talk to people. Check the forum, and the forums. has a history of someone being able to reach out and grab the brass ring a win a cupid doll every now and then and get out of this prison. Don't know about floatertalk but they talk a lot about it. Talk to people that have tried lots of things, and talked to lots of doctors, one owes it to oneself.

    6. Use probiotics. Acidophilus, lactobacillus, Escheria coli Nissile 1917, etc... Buy it or make it. Fermented cabbage, kefir, etc.. Is as important as killing the candida/fungus. Will compete with the candida and starve the candida out, help heal the leak in the gut if there is one. They get into ones bloodstream somehow. This leak must be healed or one just keeps getting systemically poisoned.

    7. Medical records belong to ones self, regardless of how assy they may be about records. Do not forget that. Careful what one signs that will release those. Get them from every doctor or clinic one visits! In total, notes and all. One will be shocked at what they may be writing! References inferring one is crazy, will blow it for you with new docs visited. When one goes to a new doc, take them with one so they won't want to acquire them on their own. Give what one wants people to see, leave the rest at home. "are these all of them?"...mmmm..."Yes maam of course, totally complete!" They are completely what you intended to give out, they are yours.

    8. Don't eat sugar. Period. Cut down on the carbs and processed foods. Candida feeds on trash.No fast foods, packaged processed foods. Common sense, some veggies, eggs, meat. Be gluten free, no wheat. Learn the names of sugars. The list is about 20 or so long. Fruits have sugars too.

    9. Filter ones water. Pur brand activated charcoal water filter pitcher from Walmart. It has an added microbial filter and will get things out of your water. But what you can afford. Activated charcoal does a pretty good job though.

    10. Smile. I know it can be done. Once day even if does not want to. Jump up and down on the bed naked, sing "I am a little bunny rabbit" at the same time, and watch oneself in the mirror while one does it if one has to. Thats gotta make ya laugh.... ;) Close the curtains first. We don't want you in jail...They let people jump up and down nekkid in jail and sing "I am a little bunny rabbit" but they don't have springs in their mattress so its a lot harder to get airborne :eek: (sarcasm)

    11. Think about ones immune system. Vitamin D3. I'm not scared of 5000 I.U. a day. Put those vitamins and minerals in there. B12 Do not run low on gas. One has to rev up that immune system like one never has in life. Immune system needs your participation trooper. Vitamin C., Magnesium, Potassium, etc....

    12. Exercise. Yeah I know. You don't want to. Me either. Walk two miles a day for a while and be amazed. If you can't walk that far walk as far as you can. If you can't walk, do what you can. Sitting, doing nothing, creates nothing. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

    13. Get natural sunlight. 30 minutes a day at least. Natural Vitamin D. Yes its cold outside, or maybe its too hot, but ya wanna feel good right? The sun is one of your best friends. Don't hide from it. Beam it in with a mirror from the yard to your hiding place behind the couch if ya want to :)

    14. Systemic fungus infections often cause vasculitis, which in turn can cause infarction (partial blockage) in arteries/vessels. This can cause focal necrosis in the area if severe. This is the origin of some ear pain/infections. Usually misdiagnosed.

    15. Sleep deprivation beats up the immune system. Get sleep no matter what. I put on an audio book, set it to play a certain number of chapters on my computer so it goes off automatically, and I fall asleep fairly quickly, you get the drift. If I don't, I lay there and listen to the crickets chirping in my ears and my own thoughts rattling around in there all night...and I don't like that.

    16. Anti viral strategies could help, may not, but has helped some. Candida and herpes often inhabit the same lesions. Acyclovir is a good pharma anti-viral. Herbal/supplemental anti-virals L-Lysine, St. Johns Wart, Lomatium, olive leaf, goldenseal, garlic, licorice, echinacea, and yes they work. To kill candida pharma world Nystatin. Herbal world for candida and anti-funguls Turmeric Root, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, clove, capsicum, and garlic can help kill off candida yeast and they do a heck of a good job too. Turmeric, thyme, oregano put a whoopin on em for me. Turmeric detoxifies blood too. RAW unfiltered, unpasturized coconut is one of the best things you can consume, get you some.

    17. You feel bad, but you want your freedom, you still have to put some effort into this and make some lifestyle changes. Don't give up or half do this or you may be stuck with this forever. Don't be sporadic in treatment regimen. Routine breeds more predictable results.

    18. Cigarettes damage the immune system. If you can't hack quitting learn to use chewing tobacco. Its a better option. Drinking alcohol will also set you back.

    19. "Virgin" coconut oil is a potent anti-fungal and may be as good or better than what I have tried. Baking soda, according to my research, is the only thing known right now that candida cannot adapt to and mutate into a form that it can resist if applied rapidly enough. That would mean systemically in this case and would be hard to do. Baking soda could be a key for rapid count knock down. May have a slight Herxheimer reaction though. These two things may be also be as potent as anything you can use. Am experimenting with these now. Neem and Olive Leaf are also very powerful. Coconut oil is Lauric Acid, Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid. Caprylic acid breaks down the walls of organisms so they may be killed.

    20. If you are taking antibiotics, or ever have for long periods, or short periods several times in a year, even if it was years ago, it can be a complicating factor because you killed the good bacteria in your body to some extent. There is a war going on in there and the good bacteria has to win. It isn't easy to get it straight sometimes after you kill off the wrong things. Probiotics help with that.

    21. Acid meds for heartburn kill good bacteria in your body and candida can swarm. Change your diet, get off that booze, this burn will most likely vanish for good. It does for most people. Its not "acid reflux disease" like the knot heads say it is. I was a pharma rep and I know. Acid is a symptom. Symptoms are not diseases. Its a reaction to something you are putting in most likely. Could be from a med you take too.

    22. Eliminate all toxins. Chlorine in water, trashy foods etc.... Over the counter and pharma meds one does not have to have. This is a process of elimination as much as it is a process of inclusion. Look for things to remove from routine. When the body system has too much trash going in it creates a lot of confusing signals. Noise. Eliminate as much noise as possible in the system so you can tell what is working and what is not.

    23. Help other people. If you found this information, and it helps you, help someone else. It is very possible that you can be responsible for setting a lot of people free of this. It will make you feel better too. Don't leave your fellow man trapped in this if you figure out how to get out of this mess.

    24. Stop hiding behind the couch so much. Those flashing lights in your eyes are not an alien ufo abduction crew outside the window, or whatever else you think it is. I swear it isn't. I know it looks like one, but it ain't ok? :) Calm down. Take a deep breath. Seriously, deep breathing exercises. Slow in, slow out. These are symptoms I promise. Scary, but its only as real as you make it ok? "The mind is its own place, and in it, it can make a hell of heaven, or a heaven of hell"...John Milton, Paradise Lost...(sarcasm)

    25. Do not risk getting thrown into the psych ward over this, you will not get the medical treatment you need. Its easier than you think these days. It happened to people I know. If you do for god's sake don't act irritated or argue. When asked in psych wards they stuck to basic symptoms like pain, vertigo, etc...One slip up such as "hear voices, etc...they knew they would be on the hook for another 42 days observation. Its up to you what you say or don't say.

    26. Drink plenty of water. Two glasses is not plenty. Put it in there. Filter it. Most of us live in partial dehydration and don't know it. Without water things don't move in the body well, creates multiple problems. All those good vitamins and minerals, your treatments, need water to move around. This is critical.

    27. Don't dare drink soft drinks or anything else similar. Illness loves that stuff with a passion. Diet cokes? Forget about it, don't need aspartame either. Don't create new explosions of yeast fungus. They love you for doing it. Feed them thyme or oregano tea instead. They hate that stuff. Starve the candida to death!

    28. Herxheimer Reaction. Usually will not happen, but it can. Flu like symptoms caused by rapid die off of pathogens. Can be mild or like severe flu. Could come with black tarry stools. Start slow. I know you're alllll excited but you don't wanna knock yourself out. If it happens it means treatment is working. Ride it out. Usually only lasts two days max, in the worst cases longer.

    29. Consider diagnostic testing. Certain labs can test stool samples using gram stains and microscope observation to quantify candida count. A positive result means you probably have an over growth of yeast, a negative result does not necessarily mean that you do not. Why? Sample taken at a time when there was not a big count in "that" sample. Maybe you lowered the count temporarily killing them off, etc... Multiple tests are best on this deal. Don't rely on doctors to order correct testing!!! You have to do that yourself.

    30. Keep your body clean. Take a shower. I know you ain't had one in days because you been running around in a tinfoil hat, running from alien space ships n stuff but come out from behind the couch, or out from under the bed, or down out of that tree house you lined with aluminum foil, and stop playing Buck Rogers long enough to take a shower ok? Brush your teeth. Rinse mouth with peroxide every day and keep the bacteria/yeast count down in your teeth. Could be getting in the body through a cavity. I know you feel bad but try not to mope around in the same clothes for days on end ok? ;)

    31. Think long term. Being cured, not just treated when it gets out of hand. It may mutate and learn to survive treatments, is possible your treatments will become ineffective over time. If that happens you could get swarmed and be left with nothing to treat it with. If candida is getting into the bloodstream chances are it is coming through a permeable place in your gut. Strategy is to kill off the over growth of yeast for a while and also put probiotics in your body that will heal the gut so this won't keep happening to you over and over. After that gut is healed you may need systemic anti-fungals. has a thread called "Ponder the Yonder (Its the yeast we can do)" and Pappajoe talks about this process in detail. I recommend giving Pappajoe's thread a good read, and copy the information and save it. You never know when it could vanish over night. Whole websites can be archived with a free program called HTTrack too.

    32. For more anti-viral strategies see and look for the John Of Ohio treatment. Some people have had good success with it. It is aimed at virus treatment and it works really well for some folks.

    33. Consider that you may have problems with a cervical vertebrae and that it is causing problems in your ears, etc...People have found that to be the case. See and look for the Henrysullivan threads on this.

    34. Consider Megadose Vitamin C, helped people before. See Solari's (Ray's) thread

    I knocked the shi* out of "some" of these symptoms with nothing but Turmeric Root, thyme, oregano, peppermint leaf, garlic in a matter of days. My blood was toxic. Have used others on the list. Since we don't know "for sure" what our plague is, because doctors often don't believe you, most won't lend the diagnostics to us in that case, don't assume you "know" what it is "exactly". My opinion candida or another fungus and or virus is major player in this for a lot of people but there are also other possible complications. Study hyperinsulemia as it is often in the mix. Consider food allergy. Turmeric gave me life back but it won't restore natural order in the body by itself. Put the good bacteria back in too, takes a long time to do it, but a simple process. If you have candida leaking through the gut into the blood stream, tooth cavity, the gut with probiotics or it will just keep filtering through to the blood stream, and food proteins too. Is it getting in the blood another way how? Teeth? Sinus cavity? Study baking soda therapy too. Baking soda/salt water sinus cavity rinse.

    World class blood detoxifier
    Turmeric Root, what I did exactly.
    1 teaspoon mixed with 1/3 teaspoon black pepper
    Three times a day, black pepper increases absorption into cells several fold
    After a few days, couple of weeks, I backed off to 3/4 teaspoon twice a day and still maintain

    Thyme, Oregano
    Make "strong" tea. I teaspoon each in a glass. Add hot water. Steep 20 minutes. For the first few days I did it twice a day. Then backed to three times a week. Sometimes used two teaspoons each and made a quart jar full and slowly sipped it through the day to keep the levels up. You can play with that. Remember to add the probiotics back in your system if you can because you may kill some good guys too.

    Cinnamon, clove, same drill as the tea. Did it sporadically as an added kick. Clove hates pathogens and can kill a huge number of bad actors. Garlic, couple of cloves at a time, mash em to let the allicin in it develop, let it sit ten minutes, get it down in water or whatever twice a day for a couple of weeks. Then I did it three times a week.

    Goldenseal root helped too, a lot. Turmeric , Oregano, garlic, Virgin Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, do not under estimate, world class pathogen killers, safe non-toxic. Again, "Virgin" Coconut Oil. When ordered by the pound, Turmeric for as little as 13 bux, capsules expensive. Whole Foods has bulk. Small tins in local supermarkets.

    When you finally decide it is safe to take that tinfoil hat off for god sakes don't throw that sucker away. Shellac that sucker stiff to preserve it as a souvenier...I wish I still had mine...good luck amigos. May the force be with you. ;D

    written in the forum on December 13, 2010, author "earshurt"
  10. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    Ears why didn't you continue the candida treatment? It sounded like it was working.
  11. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I am tom. Tell me what you see that makes this grab and run sheet confusing. I want it to be easy to understand. If it is confusing tell me what you see that makes it confusing.
  12. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    No, I just thought I read about you trying anti-candida medication and stopped it because of the popping sound in your ear or something.
  13. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I kept doing it after the popping. The oregano and the goldenseal root both did that. There was a popping sound in the ear from doing those but it brought relief too. I could tell things were changing for the better.

    I made this grab and run sheet so people could get it all in one post, copy it, and save it to their computer. Feel to critique it and tell me where things may be confusing. I can only see it from one side of the mirror.
  14. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I'm modifying this a little right now tom tuning it tighter so if you already grabbed this for all your other guys this may be a little different than what you have now. I should be through tightening it up tonight. If you see anything confusing though let me know.
  15. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I'm think i'm done with the "grab and run" sheet above now tom, so if you want to carry this to your guys at the other forum its ready. i'll come over and talk to you guys in a couple of days amigo......I haven't had time but I will.
  16. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    Awsome will do, have you ever hard a prescription of nystatin? Cause if we do have a fungal infection that could possibly cure it.
  17. earshurt

    earshurt New Member


    No Tom I have not. I have considered looking into it but so far I have not done it. I realize that natural substances will kill off candida every bit as well and I like to go natural when possible. I am not saying that I will refuse to if I find it necessary but for now I would rather not.
  18. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Tom I am adding a couple things more to this. Sorry, I know you want to give this to your sufferers at the other forum, but I think a couple of key things need to be added. I'll PM you when I get this modified correctly.
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    Earshurt, maybe you could post this both as a separate thread (maybe Ray would consider moving it to the database?), and, if Papajoe agrees, as an additional post on Papajoe's viral info thread?
  20. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Sure we can put it anywhere. Fine with me. I'm still shrinking it down to knock out the redundant phrases and bad wording. Typed it too fast initially.

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