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Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by earshurt, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Yes Jordan I was very disappointed that the anti-virals did not work for me. I may not have tried them for long enough but the doctors were only willing to let me take so much for so long a period. If my memory serves me correctly I took 500 mg five times a day for two weeks at a time and it didn't help a bit. I was hoping that was because the damage was not healed yet and hoping it would get better after I took them but nothing happened for me.
  2. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    That is a very short time for the antivirals. My husband had to take them for several months before he experienced full relief and has been taking a maintenance dose for over a year. I'm not sure how long he will continue with that but he is eventually planning to transition to L-Lysine as a maintenance. He eats a lot of fresh garlic and other fresh herbs on a daily basis but always did, even before he had Meniere's. It's good that the turmeric and other things are helping you.
  3. KTabc

    KTabc Cheese Head Dumbass

    I gave anti-virals a good try, along with JOH, and neither worked for me. Changing my diet, cutting out sugar, and now I have added Nystatin, have been a much bigger help! My last hearing test--my hearing had even improved. Different causes, different cures. Just keep working it :)

    I am going to see about kefir and turmeric. Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences!

  4. Taximom5

    Taximom5 New Member

    Jordan, that MM CHicken and Rice sounds yummy--would you post the recipe?
  5. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    This may or may not have been brought up but it seems turmeric is a very strong anti-fungal and might even kill candida.

    Earshurt, I might have the same thing you have. I have floaters, and lights in the corner of my eyes are are sometimes obstructed. Daily dizziness, ringing in both ears, balance problems, brain fog, all the meniere's symptoms. I can also tell when a TV is on just by the electrical humming they make, even if I'm not even in the same room.

    I use to have this when it very bad when I was a kid, I'm 22 now. I don't remember much back then due to, I would guess, the brainfog. All I remember from my youth is being fine one second and having a complete vertigo attack aura and all the next. And as soon as it would come it would be gone. I do not remember having flashes, floaters, or daily dizziness when I was young and had these attacks. But that can easily be explained with brainfog, child brain, and I have read somewhere that young kids their vestibular are much more adaptable then that of an adult.

    The last real vertigo attack I had was in 2nd grade. Right around the time I started allergy shots for being allergic to molds, grass, animals etc. I have yet to make the connection, but what I do know is that after I started the allergy shots I did not have one bout with Vertigo until now. I went into complete remission. But I did the stupid thing and did not stick with my allergy shots, and I didn't even take those allergy shots for that long. Maybe a year? maybe Longer? But it wasn't that long I took them and it gave me a decade of relief!

    I still have yet to have a full on vertigo attack again like I did when I was young. But I knew sometime when I was 19 something was going off. Slowly the floaters came around, the ringing increased, and the daily dizziness started. I have yet to restart my allergy shots, due to not having health insurance until next month. But I am starting on Coconut Oil, Turmeric, and Allign Probiotic. And as soon as I get my health insurance I will be stopping by my doctor for anti-fungals and seeing if I can restart my allergy shots.

    Are these what your floaters look like? Cause these are what mine look like.


    Well guess what that is lol. That's actually Candida at 200x magnification.

    Earhurts I would strongly suggest giving allergy shots and a strong anti-fungal a try. I know that it may just be coincidence that my vertigo stopped when I was on the shots, but it's worth a shot. And with the shots/anti-fungals, if they work, come with FULL relief! No more watching your caffeine or sugar intake. I was normal for such a long time!

    Also something I do remember, when I was young I would have terrible ear infections/ear aches. Like I said earlier I don't remember much, but I think that the shots could of been killing out whatever was in there. Until now, it has returned...
  6. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    My ENT/Allergy doctor and I discussed LDA allergy treatments earlier this year. Now would be the time to start them as winter is when allergens are generally at their lowest. I have my regular 3 month appointment with him later today. I expect he'll want to talk about LDA treatments.

    However, after doing the candida diet for a year, taking anti-fungals, and taking massive quantities of probiotics, I don't need allergy treatments.

    When I see him today, I'll give him a list of foods that are known triggers.

    My list of known and verified trigger foods from last year was:
    1. Wheat - especially pasta
    2. White Vinegar
    3. Lemon
    4. Beans (including any form of soy)
    5. Strawberries
    6. Oats
    -------End of List ---------------

    My list of triggers as of today:
    -------End of List ---------------

    And yes, I've eating significant quantities of every one of the above in the last month.

    My opinion, and you know I'm not a doctor, is that anyone with MAV should investigate anti-fungal treatments, including diet and anti-fungal medications.

    Candida Diet
    Probiotics (especially kefir)
    Systemic anti-fungal medications

    Papa Joe
  7. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    PJ, I don't know what the LDA treatment is. But I know allergy shots are once a week(at least that's what mine were), and in my case I think put me in remission for some time. As I said above the remission I had, I didn't have to watch my intake of anything.

    But I have yet to restart my allergy shots, so I don't know if it was coincidence or not. But I will try allergy shots as soon as I can. If a shot once a week can put me in full remission, then I would do it in a heart beat. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
  8. Papajoe

    Papajoe Myco-dental Freak of Nature

    If it helps, absolutely do it. But after a good candida treatment, you may not need it. In my case, I never had allergy problems my entire life, so that may be why I don't need them now. If you've had a history of allergy, then you'll probably still need them.

    LDA stand for Low Dose Allergen. It's a therapy where they take very small doses of your allergens, and inject them into you. The Low Dose part is that they use an amount that is so small that it doesn't provoke a reaction, but it does help your immune system familiarize itself so that you can then tolerate the allergens. You start by taking them once every three months. I know several people who are taking LDA treatments (from several doctors, not just mine).

    Here is a link that explains it, though I'm not familiar with this particular doctor:

  9. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Right on John. I take black pepper with my turmeric because it increases the uptake to the cells dramatically.
  10. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Tom has hit on something "very" important to me. This picture of candida I also saw in my own eye. More comment to come but I don't have time now. But for the time being how many other people see the "germ" looking thing floating in your own eye?
  11. Tom47

    Tom47 New Member

    I found the info at The first page like 8 posts down.
  12. jesseandalison

    jesseandalison New Member

    Anyone tried or on capsaicin?
  13. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I should post these. I did this for 16 hours today. I'm whooped out like a dog. I have black circles under my eyes. I need form letters but everybody is different and that is just not possible and be able to do it to the best of my ability. I do this so much for other people that my health is beginning to suffer. I need to get out more and take care of myself a little better. Exercise always brings a quantum leap of relief. But ya know what...when somebody tells me somethng like "oh god i think you saved my life/sanity it only makes me do it more. Mannnn does that ever make my year! I don't say this to make myself a hero. I say this to encourage you to help your fellow man. If you find relief in any of my efforts please seek somebody else out an help them. Copy and paste takes little effort. They may help someone else. By publishing what I do that works for me, I have faith that it will travel to some desperate person and become extrapolated into relief for many. Help me make my efforts worthwhile. What greater joy in life is there than that? I mean really...Okeee doke? Thank ya...

    Written in reference to candida over growth in humans. Also applies to many other pathogens that can invade the human body.

    Don't buy Turmeric by the capsules. Costs tens of times too much. Buy by the pound. At you get a whole pound for 13 bux. Empty a little bottle of capsules in a quart mason jar and see how much it is. Not much. One pound will over fill a quart mason jar and it costs 13 bux. With capsules you will want to me miser and only take a capsule or two at a time to make it last and may not get the benefit. If you buy a pound for 13 bux you can take what would amount to a small hand full in one dose. A teaspoon.

    There is no known toxic dose of Turmeric. Period. End of story.

    Possible complications.

    1. Herxheimer Reaction. This is not Turmeric specific. This can happen anytime you put anything in the body that can kill pathogens. Caused by the rapid die off of pathogens in the body. Turmeric hates pathogens and it can even put MRSA on the run in two days. Kid you not. Kill enough bad guys at one time and as they travel out of the body it could make person have flu like symptoms or like having a terrible hangover. Black tar like stools that smell like the worst thing you can ever imagine. Possible sweating, chills, etc...This almost never happens to people but it can. It happened to my dad and he almost gave up on it but I made him stick it out. He was over it in two days and now he feels better than he has felt in a long time. Fatigue totally gone in a flash...jack. No more floaters. No more lights. Cured 100%? No. Quantum leap better? You better know it.

    2. Allergic reaction. We can be allergic to tomatoes, peas, etc...

    How do we know the difference? Allergic reaction is like anaphylactic shock. Swelling in the face, throat, hands, feet, etc...Sudden life threatening reaction that can be like when people are allergic to a bee sting. If people cannot get to something like ephinedrine they can die.

    There is no reason to assume you will be any more allergic to Turmeric than potatoes. If you do feel like you have a hangover though, or black stools come out, or you feel like you have the flu, you are killing bad guys by the bajillion million. It won't last too long. This usually never happens but if it happens to you then you are so full of toxins it ain't funny cuz, surprised you are still alive at this point. Wait until it stops. You will think Santa Clause came to town.

    Put one teaspoon Turmeric in a glass. Add three or four ounces of water. Swirl it around good and get it suspended and kill it like a shot. Add 1/4 teaspoon pepper. The piperine in pepper is a digestive aid. Turmeric is hard to digest and if you don't add pepper you will get several times less uptake to the body cells. DID YOU HEAR ME? ADD PEPPER.

    After a few days, week, if you want to or need to due to money, whatever, lower the dose and it should be ok. I can take 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon twice a day now that I am somewhat cleared out and get all the benefit I need.

    Everybody is different so your mileage may vary. We are not building a watch here ok? This is Turmeric. Not something harmful or expensive. You can play with the dose until your heart is content. The doses I cited I consider a minimum or perhaps appropriate for most people.

    Also the active ingredient in Turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin can also be bought by the pound. I have never taken it. I know people that do and they get results. It will be much more powerful than Turmeric because "the" ingredient has been extracted into pure form. You would have to take a lot of Turmeric to get the same dose of curcumin that you can get by taking small amounts of curcumin. No known toxic dose of curcumin.

    If curcumin is taken I suggest taking the raw Turmeric Root along with it so that you get the helper components. Turmeric Root is a "compound" with several different substances. They all work together synergistically to create the effect it has. Curcumin, on its own, may work just fine but it is a single "substance" and not a compound. It does not have the helper components in it. If you use curcumin by itself also TAKE PEPPER WITH IT. DO YOU HEAR ME? TAKE PEPPER WITH IT.

    Let me know if any of your buddies have results. We all have to pull together. I'm pulling for you guys. I had to type this whole thing twice because my browser lost the first typing of it...argggg...hate it when that happens. But I did it for you guys again. And I made it even better with more details But if one person gets relief, and they tell another, etc....We can help a ton of poeple in the end.


    You can call me anytime of the day or night 7 days a week. My goal is to serve my fellow man. I had nobody to help me. I will help anybody that needs it. Do not publish this phone number. This number is for you only. I will talk to other people on the phone I just don't want my phone on the web. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    I also have yahoo chat. My handle is "xxxxxxxx". We can also give that to select people but I don't want it published. If published the cranks and hacks and assh*les will abuse it pretending stuff. The world is full of crazy folks.

    I stay up late. You can call me until 2 in the morning central time if you need me.

    Actually we could get light years ahead in one phone conversation. We should talk. Try not to call before noon usually though because I spend most of the night helping people and I sleep late. One bad night of sleep makes my situation worse but if you ever really have a bad time, and you get desperate, and you need me, you can call me at any hour and I don't care what time it is.

    I don't know how bad your situation got but I almost died. Nobody helped me do jack shi*. As a matter of fact my ex wife tormented me even though the left side of my face was almost hanging down in my shirt pocket from palsy. We are not married anymore! That was like alka seltzer too...plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is! I did it on my own. I would have given my eye teeth to talk to someone like me that had figured some stuff out.

    I was so bad off I went from 190 pounds to 145 pounds. I was so weak that I blanked out for days in the floor. When I finally came to I knew I needed water. People say there is a little voice inside us. I heard it clear as a bell. It said "drink water" and it sounded like a four year old child's voice. My inner child? I could not walk so I crawled to the sink. I could not stand to get a glass. I found a dirty work shoe on the floor among the filthy debris that had become my life. I held the shoe up to the faucet and put water in it and I drank it. I had to. I thought my stomach would explode, turn inside out, and come up out of my throat. Literally felt like my stomach was trying to come up out of my throat the water hurt so bad. In the fridge I found some chicken that looked several weeks old. It didn't really look like chicken anymore but I ate some anyway.

    Now I am 190 pounds. I see no floaters. I see no flashing lights only very very rarely. My pain is so small I can only notice it if I try. ALL my fatigue vanished in two days. Turmeric did that for me.

    Do I know it was candida? No I don't. But I highly suspect it is in the mix. If not cause it hitchiked in with another problem and covered my ass up but good. Maybe the initial cause was virus. I don't know. Maybe it was fungus. Turmeric can help with all three.
  14. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    I use it regularly. I don't really know exactly how much it helps though because I added that in late in the game. But when I use it I notice that inflammation dies down and things become calmer. It has become a regular regimen on my veggies.
  15. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Add black pepper. Turmeric is hard to digest. Piperine in pepper increases digestibility and increases the uptake to the body cells several fold.
  16. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    It stings a bit but you can apply it directly to the eye. It's absorbed by the mucous membrane. Can blast floaters right out of the park. You will need a preparation of a minimum of 5 million scoville heat units.
  17. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Holy cow Imno really? I didn't know that. When I said I use it I mean ingested. Had no idea it would knock out floaters but it makes sense that it would. Bet it hurts! But whatever it takes...what works works...
  18. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    Papajoe thanx for handling the allergy end. You know more about that than I do.
  19. Imnoscientist

    Imnoscientist New Member

    It hurts like a ba$tard but it will flush everything out - from eyes, nose, the works.
  20. earshurt

    earshurt New Member

    question from another venu that just came in.

    Did the turmeric help at all with dizziness?

    Yes most of my symptoms vanished with Turmeric. I was so bad off that I was literally hallucinating. I didn't know which end was which. There were times that I really figured I would die, and I was hoping it would just hurry up and happen at times. But every time I felt that way I thought about my dad. He was a football coach and he taught me that no matter what happens a quitter never wins. I was confident in my ability to figure something out so I decided not to punch the time clock and exit the building. My body was going in and out of shock. After I took the Turmeric I was on my feet in three days feeling better than I have felt in years. Since I don't know for sure exactly what the problem was I cannot say for sure why it saved my hide. I just know that it did.

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