Another Rotational attack!

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by woozee, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. woozee

    woozee New Member

    Last night about 15 minutes after posting on the front porch, I was watching Date Line and the room started shifting, or rocking and I grabbed the arms of my chair and cried out. I nearly scared my husband to death. I told him to get the Phenergan and tried to make it down the hall. No such luck. I was so drunk that I couldn't make it. He came to help me and got everything ready, towels, washcloths, helped me get my clothes off as I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom. He is such a life saver. I have often wondered what I would do without him. I sometimes think he is more effected by this than I.

    Now to the reason I am sharing this episode ( smugly I though I might be in the burn out stage) if there is such. Why am I still having these attacks after more than 30 years? :'( I had 3 or 4 this year before this one, it's been about 5 or 6 months since the last. Alas, the reason I thought maybe, just maybe this would be the last.

    My husband said 'why can't they see that you are disabled with this,
    Oh that's right they gave it to you." Bless his heart.

    I was not under any stress this week. Well maybe when the forum died, :mad: :mad: and I could not get back in.

    I did see in my records right before court, that I am bi-lateral now, and I think maybe I was only affected on one side. Do you think that's why maybe I'm still having the rotational vertigo? I can deal with the dizzy days but it's hard to deal with the rotational.

    I will make an appt. with my ENT this week to see about getting Phenergan that I can rub on my wrist that Linda mentioned. I have suppositories and I'm too drunk :eek: :eek: to use them :-[ :-[until the spinning has stopped, at least my husband could apply that! ;) ;) A little humor here! ;D

    Tucker I will ask Dr. DeMoville how I can get Dr. Bill Roger's address. He is not listed under any hospital around here. He may not be practicing anymore but Dr. D should know how to get in touch because he mentioned him to me on one of my visits. I will let you know as soon as I find out something. I haven't forgotten you.

    I found another article in the Tennessean newspaper about Meniere's. I was strange that it was right in the middle of a piece about Vanderbilt University. Apparently the President's wife smokes marijuana for Meniere's and Vanderbilt is a no drug allowed university but, the President supports his wife's drug for Meniere's. Have any of you ever hear of this? Well at least more people are hearing about the disease.

    I'll shutup now this is way too long. I hope everyone is having a spin free day.

    Just Woozee in my little world.
  2. TracyInIndy

    TracyInIndy Guest


    I believe marijuana is used to fight nausea.

    As far as your husband, he sounds like a real keeper! If you want to know how hard this is on him, reverse the roles. What if he was the one fighting MM and you were left to watch him suffer? I'd much rather fight this than watch my hubby suffer!

    Hugs, Tracy
  3. Willie Marie

    Willie Marie New Member

    Ditto Tracy!
    My husband had a brain tumor and had surgery two years ago for it. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would rather be on this end of it instead of sitting in the hospital wondering if my husband would last another day, or watching as he went through all the "stuff" that went with it.

    Willie Marie
  4. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!


    Since March i have been having rotational vertigo 2 or 3 times daily. They took me out of work for one month. I tried it all, tried all docs. I had been in total remission for over 2yrs before this. I was stumped! I tried acupuncture and have been spin free/vertigo free for 3 weeks ( a dream come true for me). I take valium everyday, same time. I was using "as needed" and found it made it worse, body was reacting to more and less, needed to be on schedule. Eventually i'm going to wean off the valium and try chinese herbs. I also take 25mg HCTZ, have for 2yrs. I feel for you and that rotational stuff, same thing with me, out of blue it would come. AWFUL, totally disabled i would become. I've done so many lifestye changes....too many to go into, ha! Less stress, no booze/caffiene/sugar/salt....get all my nutrients now through food, no supplements anymore. Rest/LOWWWWWWWW stress/moderate exercise.

    Hang in there Woozee....i'm sending positive vibes your way!!!!

    ps....i'm a old timer with new name. Haven't been able to get in for months since i cleaned out some files on computer. My old name was PamelaJean, glad to be back! ;)
  5. woozee

    woozee New Member

    Welcome back Pamelajean, aka, Mya46. Thank you I must be receiving your good vibes because I'm feeling much better today.

    It sounds like you are fighting the battle too. How long have you been fighting this? I always think with each episode that it will be my last. LOL The eternal optimist.

    Did you post and let everyone know that you are back? I think Gardenfish posted something a few pages back so that everyone could post if they changed their name.

    I wanted to give you a great big WELCOME BACK. Keep us posted on your battle and I hope it gets better for you.

  6. cdedie

    cdedie Designed by DizzyNBlue

    Woozee can't say how sorry I am that you had an attack! My last one was also about 6 months ago. (Knocking on wood!!!) It really is a blessed thing when you have a spouse who is so wonderful. Mine takes good care of me too. ;)

    I've been having rotational vertigo since 1979 or 80! In those years the attacks could come anywhere from 6 months apart to 1 time 5 years without attack - then BANG. Lately I've just been dizzy or spinny.

    Glad you are feeling better and hope it continues! ;D
  7. Mya46

    Mya46 Knowledge is POWER!

    Thanks Woozee, lets hope we both stay spin free from here on .....i found positivity helps with this disease even when i was vertigo girl for the past 6months. If it comes at me again i know where to turn for help, i don't feel hopeless anymore. One good thing, during the summer i was able to lay in my backyard with my pup and sunbathe so i got quite the tan going. I'm a beach bum, and this year i wasn't able to get there much until end of year. But by time i got there i was coppertone girl, haaaaaa! I really think the sun makes me better, vitamin D boosts my serotonin, makes me happy! OH NO, winter is coming.... :-\

    It's such a strange disease how it comes and goes for years or months or days, then goes away....i'm on the eternal search for the answer! It's given me something to keep me busy and healthy!!! ;)

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