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  1. byron

    byron New Member

    Just finishing my forth week: 2000mgs per day. I'm currently having a bad weekend with plenty of 'the dizzies' and the other symptoms we all know about: I'm frustrated to say the least, especially after having what I figured was much success. But we know how cruel this disease can be: playing possum, showing light then taking it away.

    I would say that the Acyclovir has helped, like all of the other 'things' I've tried, but there is much more work to be done I'm afraid, and the hearing is slipping away with each passing day: time is an enemy.

    My next undertaking is Lee's book. I hope to find some answers there......

    I refuse to drown in my own drivel and useless self sympathy! I'm putting on the armor, strapping on the sword and heading back into the fray! Chapter 1!!!!


  2. bostonjim

    bostonjim New Member

    With this disease it seems you never know what is going to work, you just have to keep trying. My husband did not have luck with acyclovir, but is having great relief with Valtrex. It has been almost 1 year now without any vertigo attacks (he was having them regularly before). His hearing and tinnitus has also been stabilized. He only feels slightly off balance here and there. I pray that this is the answer for him. He still takes a maintenance dose daily. Dr. Gacek recommeded that.

    Wish you all luck with finding something that helps relieve your symptoms,
    (bostonjim's wife)
  3. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Thank you bostonjim's wife, Its really good too hear from the spouse's as we see more and more of this on the forum.
    What you are reporting about Valtrex is not unique too your husband, I have received several Pm's stating the same thing.
    So I'm now recommending (with Dr's approval) that people try the other if one med is not working! Its worth a shot. :)
  4. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Alisa, Kay, Laurie, Byron, Itsback, Carolanne and other's I have not mentioned who are taking Acyclovir or Valtrex. I'm just checking in and wondering how y'all are making out with the anti-viral meds.

    Thinking bout you especially in this the holiday season, and wishing you a spin free time...

    Peace :)
  5. tm53

    tm53 New Member

    Got the Valtrex scipt filled, Doc had to work with the insurance co to get it covered.

    Will start after this round of ear Dex ear drops (had tube put in acouple of days ago, 3 weeks of drops). Want to test one thing at a time.
  6. carolanne

    carolanne Lily

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for thinking of me. I was just realizing that it has been almost 6 months since my last attack. I have been on acylovir for 5 months. Some lightheadedness probably due more to current life stresses and work. Otherwise dealing with hearing loss, tinnitus, noise sensitivity. But thank goodness no vertigo!


    ps merry caribbean christmas!
  7. livestrong

    livestrong New Member

    Hi Larry I stopped the Acyvolir a few weeks ago it didnt help me.. like i thought it would have.. if you have been reading my posts i am seeing a new doctor a chiro but i am not getting my hopes up with him. Merry Christmas Larry!! Hows the weather, where abouts do you live in the caribeean?? Lucky you its about 15 degrees here brrrrrrrr. How do you deal with the noises 24/7. How long have you been dealing with this beast?

    love alisa
  8. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Hi Alisa,

    Sadly Acyclovir does not work for all. It seems to work only for people who's MM is viral.
    I wish you the best in you're quest to find relief...
    Please don't stop searching until you have found that special remedy that's best for you! :)
  9. shelly3257

    shelly3257 New Member

    I had tested positive for herpes 1 way back when they did routine bloodwork when I was pregnant over 9 years ago. If I wanted to try Acyclovir, is that a medicine that would have to be taken long term or is it a short burst? I think it's worth a shot, anything is at this point.
  10. carolanne

    carolanne Lily

    Dr. Gacek recommends 3 weeks at 2400mg/day and then 800mg/day as a maintenance dose for a period of time.
  11. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Hi Shelly, Ill post the link to the Japanese study, it recommends Acyclovir be taken 400mg 5 times daily. and a maintenance dose afterwards for a short time.

    Best of luck with the Acyclovir :)
  12. shelly3257

    shelly3257 New Member

    Thanks very much for the link Caribbean!
  13. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Shelly some times people have a problem getting a script for Acyclovir, you might be better armed if you take a copy of the Acyclvir regime with you when you visit your ENT.
  14. shelly3257

    shelly3257 New Member

    I got a rec for a doctor somewhat near me who believes in the anti viral/herpes theory and does prescribe Acyclovir. I will bring a copy of it also though, thanks for the idea. I am planning on emailing him first and going from there.
  15. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Good stuff Shelly, Acyclovir has helped many of us here on the forum, sure hope it works for you!!!!!
  16. steffers

    steffers New Member

    Byron, The amino acid, L-Lysine, works wonders with Herpes. It can be purchased over-the-counter in pill or cream form.
  17. John of Ohio

    John of Ohio New Member


    Yes, l-lysine can significantl suppress herpes virus replication, and thereby the MM symptoms its growth causes.

    But be aware the if taken with food, it's not very effective. For the fullest effect, be sure to take it a half-hour or more before a meal, with water.

    This (and much more) is described in my MM regimen posting at:

    My best.

    --John of Ohio
  18. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Bump for newbies...
  19. June

    June New Member

    I am going to try this after my next dr visit if nothing turns up then. I had a bad cmv (herpes) infection the year before.

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