A Real Meditation

Discussion in 'Your Writer's Den' started by 143, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. 143

    143 New Member

    Earlier today
    I was not feeling so well

    I sat on the porch,
    closed my eyes
    and sank deeply

    After quite some time
    I opened my eyes
    and felt some peace

    And then a flock of white egrets
    floated by
    going their usual way

    When suddenly they
    veered straight in front of me
    and soared upwards into heavens

    I asked the Oracle
    What does this
    winged message mean?

    "The Queen of Light
    challenges you to shine your light
    and not give into fear.

    Are you afraid?

    The light of the Divine
    shining within you is the power
    that expresses through you.

    This, not your ego
    is the authentic place
    of self-expression.

    Do not be affected
    by the superficial
    dreams of society.

    Make your intentions come
    from deep within you.

    True wealth resides within
    peace, harmony, and
    a sense of purpose."

    The message:
    All is well and will be well.
    Love always and forever.
  2. 143

    143 New Member

    i am okay, i can get through anything after all i have gone through. this storm is very much worth getting through, the sun will shine ever so brightly for all of us. live, love, laugh. i will not be writing much here, if at all.
  3. 143

    143 New Member

    my own message: be strong, stay strong. dwell in spirit, let it lift and subsist you through these times.
  4. shartsoe

    shartsoe New Member

    This is a nice message. Thanks for sharing.

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