A Message To Those Who Accuse Me Of "Bashing"

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by nassman, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. drewzilla652

    drewzilla652 New Member

    Oh my gosh! I've been gone for 3 years from this forum and nothing has changed. Nassman, I guess you're still the forum "villain."
  2. Caribbean

    Caribbean New Member

    Yep..........I was here also at that time before the old board crashed, and your statments are true, however this time things have changed, I think the OP. here has been shot down in flames, and must tone it down by popular demand.
    Lets see if it sinks in.....................
  3. marcelle

    marcelle never give up on your dreams or your ambitions

    I think that no matter what anyone says you know in your heart what is best for you.
  4. tamarak

    tamarak New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm just quickly flying in for a quick visit and saw this thread. I was curious about it. Nassman did not keep me from participating actively on the board. In fact, his posts gave me more empathy for my customers (anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a restauranteur who works the front end of the restaurant a lot)--any grumpy or difficult customers got my "nassman" classification which meant that I imagined that they were struggling with dizziness and they were annoyed from many things that had nothing to do with me...I've come to the point where I appreciate the gruffness of some folk.

    Mind you, my understanding of people in general has really grown and my patience with the public has grown so much since I've become a member of this forum. Thank you all for sharing so that others (like me) who were once more raw or unripe have become mellowed and gentler with understanding.

    However, my message for Nassman is this: although in a perfect society we would all be able to understand the vein of gold in each other--the reality is that it is more complex...if you really want to help people with your insights...you may be interested in one of my favorite quotes:

    "In the right key one can say anything. In the wrong key, nothing. The only delicate part is the establishment of the key" (George Bernard Shaw)


  5. Mnme

    Mnme Guest

    Love your take on life Tamara :)

    I guess everything is relative. Nassman, I agree with Linda that you are FAR less abrasive than you used to be and a lot more open to looking 'outside of the box'. I have noticed some people on this forum who have never changed one bit in all the years they have been here ... almost like they believe there is nothing more for them to learn. I believe we can all continually aim for more.
    Your frustration is probably because you have made such a vast improvement in your delivery... it's just that you started off so far off the scale! But it's all relative.

    To those who have been offended ... well, I can't say I blame you. I know I used to be at the 'old' Nass, but then I started following a little of what Tamara talked about where sometimes it's not about wanting others to 'get it right', it's about understanding that we are all imperfect.

  6. Titus

    Titus New Member

    Lee, I agree with you and believe this is a "statement of hope" we can ALL share. I know many believe they've "tried everything" or "they function okay with their disability" but I'm firm in believing the body can perform miracles if we find that key(s) that unlock(s) the right chemical, electrical, and/or mechanical reaction that will lead to relief of symptoms or complete remission/healing. If something can break, it can be fixed. We just have to learn ways to help the body do what it wants to do. As you found, this can be a full-time job.

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