80% of sufferers go into natural remission

Discussion in 'Your Living Room' started by sirlanc, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I've met you in person more than once and I can say that you are one of the chillest people I've met!
  2. sirlanc

    sirlanc New Member

    This is one of the most important insights to dealing with MD, keeping a sense of humor. After all, its kinda funny if you think about it, we look like drunks grabbing at air when we get dizzy. We enjoy all the benefits of drinking (dizzy, sick, on the floor) without any of the downsides (buzz, no inhibition, everyone looks sexy)
  3. Donamo

    Donamo Guest

    I think youse gots yer downsides and upsides, upsides down ;)
  4. Intrepid

    Intrepid New Member

    I know, right? :D
  5. n632

    n632 New Member

    Hi Sirlanc
    I appreciate you writing on the board...I must say..I had 7 straight years of suffering MM from 30-37...I believe you wrote 80% naturally become symptom free, than out of the 20% only 5% need a surgical form. I am not sure where you are receiving your information...especially on a site like this. Most, and if I am wrong, write me back, but are trying to deal with this darn disease to save our health, lifestyle, family- a real life not in fear of MM...I went 7 years with several other members I know with ALL THE bandaids from medications, rescue meds, tubes, Meniett Device, etc etc...I was a young (I was 30 and in fit young and no 37 and in better shape than I was with MM) woman who had to give up so much of my life for MM...I COULDN"T BE HAPPIER with my VNS.

    I find it hard to believe out of the thousands, heck more than that, that only 5% choose a surgery..as some call invasive, but if you have the right surgeon it is a 3 day stay at most and walking in a week or two at most with all functions.

    I am writing because I feel VERY strongly that those stats are giving new members hope as they suffer. Give the new members ideas, helpful tips, great MM specialists but don't put those figures out there. They are wrong and even after speaking with the surgeon who did my VNS and I am now riding rollercoasters again....there is hope and surgery is not this "Scary thing" that everyone thinks it is. And 80% naturally goes away??? never heard that nor, being in the medical field and esp in this medical field arena, have ever heard any neurotologist, neurosurgeon, Meniere's specialist, etc say those figures..if it was that high, why are we all on this site waiting for this "disease "to subside....Just think you are putting numbers out there to new members, or to us old timers...and there are too many old timers to say this "80" % will just subside. That is just giving false hope....Best, Nicole Orlando
    PROUD MM patient that no longer suffers and lives life to the fullest!
  6. n632

    n632 New Member

    Just WISH these posts came up first.....I respect all who post, but the newcomers become scared and need to know the :whole: story...
  7. n632

    n632 New Member

    PS THANK YOU VICKI and INTREPID for laying it out on the line... everyone on this site needs TRUE help...not percentages ...then they suffer and bandaid the true problem. Thank you for speaking out. I am afraid his post might have scared newcomers with his figures/percentages. I am a successful VNS. 7 years of hel_And proud to say how the VNS was, not for everyone but after that many years I couldn't give my life up for this disease...I just wish I did it sooner...but if I saw that post that 80% resolve I would still be on the sick ban wagon of being pulled over for "drunk driving " while sober and almost lost my job, drop attacks, etc..

    Thank you for responding as long term members to a post that I believe would scare even me off coming into this site. We need to keep it "new" friendly..The only reason I joined this site was because I was new and had so many welcomes and positive stories. Best, Nicole Orlando, FL
  8. sirlanc

    sirlanc New Member

    Hey n632,
    I believe knowledge should be distributed for all to use based on his their own judgment. As to my sources, as stated in the first post, they are medical literature, I also was told this by my first doctor who as 85 at the time, "listen, I can do this and that, but most likely things will get much better, they do in most cases"

    I would appreciate if you could enlighten me how quoting published medical literature as to the probability to get better would do anything like scare anyone off this site? I imagine it would do the opposite.

    Nor do I fathom how sharing my personal story of recovery with no invasive procedures impedes anyone's decision making abilities?

  9. Running Dizzy

    Running Dizzy New Member

    I am in remission and rarely visit this site any longer. I wish the same happens for everyone else! I truly believe taking anti-virals has kept me in remission now for 4 years. Cheers
  10. jaypr

    jaypr New Member

    I agree with all of your last statement Sirlanc. In addition I believe that the human body is amazing and the body wants to get better.
  11. sirlanc

    sirlanc New Member

    This is exactly the point. Many people who go into remission like you and me, never come back to visit this site, they simply go back to living their lives and forget they have MD.

    This is why general statistics are so important to new comers, because limiting their view to the population that lives with this condition in an going manner deviates the data.

    The fact is that 80% of people who get vertigo for the first time and come to this site, will be in remission from Vertigo sooner or later not matter what they do, and I found this fact highly comforting and strengthening.
  12. Vicki615

    Vicki615 New Member

    I have seen different percentages of the natural remission rate and they are lower than 80% and some studies have said the studies before them which includes the study you quoted, said their follow up was not accurate.

    Also the poster you quoted attributed her remission to antivirals. Which is not a natural remission.

    If we are talking about remission due to treatments then I would agree with the 80%

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